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Board of Trustees

Previous Updates

November 2015 Trustee Update

The Trustees were on campus this past weekend for their regular November meeting. They began their meeting by attending the Keller Venture Grants Forum, celebrating the program’s 10th anniversary with very exciting news from Trustee Jeff Keller and the Keller family, who have supported our Venture Grant program for the past decade. The Keller Family has made a $4 million gift to endow and expand the program.

On Friday, the Board attended the dedication of the theater in Armstrong Hall, unveiling the new signage which identifies that the space as the Kathryn Mohrman Theatre. Current and retired faculty and staff joined the Board in honoring Colorado College’s 11th president.

The Board heard an update from Patrick Bultema and Emily Chan on progress being made as part of the college’s innovation initiative.

The board approved several items during its Saturday business meeting:

  • The Board voted to accept changes to the college’s Title IX Policy, allowing for external investigators to be used in special circumstances.
  • The Board approved a change to the Naming Policy that outlines a process for gathering community input.
  • The Board approved criteria for Life Trustees.

In addition to the Business Meeting, the board’s Standing Committees and Strategic Project Teams met.   

 Standing Committees

  • Buildings, Grounds, & Infrastructure – Trustees discussed the East Campus Housing project and were also introduced to Maggie Santos, director of campus safety and emergency management. 
  • Investment – The Trustees heard from a group of student presenters on the topic of sustainable investing and also received updates on the asset allocation model and the quarterly market review from Monticello Associates.
  • Governance – The committee reviewed the slate of trustee nominees and recommended criteria for Life Trustees.
  • Budget & Finance – Trustees received year-end financial updates and a notification of expenditure against the quasi endowment. They also received an update from the Audit Committee, a subcommittee of Budget & Finance. There were no significant findings in the annual audit.

Strategic Project Teams (SPT’s)

  • Campaign Planning – Trustees reviewed the campaign’s progress to date. They also viewed the newly developed campaign messaging materials and discussed volunteer engagement.
  • Library Planning – Trustees discussed the results of the design development phase with library architects Pfeiffer Partners, which helps prepare the way for a May 2016 ground-breaking should fundraising goals for the project be met.
  • Communications Master Plan – Trustees discussed and viewed a presentation by Studio/lab about the Communications Master Plan that included viewing the proposed logo.

Overall, it was a great meeting. The next trustee meeting will be in February 2016.  

June 2015 Trustee Update

The Board of Trustees had its annual retreat. The retreat’s agenda was focused on our mission of “providing the finest liberal arts education,” the continued implementation of the strategic plan, and the comprehensive fundraising campaign.

The board approved several items during its Friday business meeting, including:

  • Colorado College Bylaw changes pertaining to goverance (Section 1.1 C) and the Buildings, Grounds, and Infrastructure Committee (Section 1.4 G.5).
  • Title IX required policy changes.
  • Promotion from associate professor to full professor for Tracy Coleman, Religion; Aju Fenn, Economics and Business, and Esther Redmount, Economics and Business.
  • Changes to Part Two of the Faculty Handbook pertaining to recruitment procedures for hiring candidates with tenure (IV.C and D); criteria for tenure (VII.A.2) and changes to unpaid non-medical leave policy (XII.C); Changes to Part Three of the Faculty Handbook pertaining to faculty executive committee (V.A.1) (All changes were approved at the Block 6 and 7 faculty meetings).
  • Approval of Mass Design Group as the architect for the East Campus Housing project.
  • Approval of the Tutt Library schematic design and continued construction phase by Pfeiffer Partners.
  • Approval of a new Peer Group, eliminating the Aspirant peer group of colleges.

The trustees are enthused about our continued progress. Their next meeting is in November on campus.

February 2015 Trustee Update

The Board of Trustees was on campus for the regular February meeting. The trustees began their meeting with dinner and a talk by inaugural Journalist in Residence and CC parent Hampton Sides.

The board approved several items during its Saturday business meeting, including:

  • Tuition for the 2015-16 academic year at $48,576, with a mandatory student activities fee of $420. For students living on campus, the comprehensive fee will be $60,210, with a standard double room rate of $6,547 and the meal plan C rate of $4,668.
  • The election of new charter trustees Jerome DeHerrera ’97; Ian Griffis ’85; Ryan Haygood ’97; Jeff Keller ’91; John Troubh ’79; and Amy Louis ’84 (term to commence in 2016-17).
  • The election of new student trustee James Lonergan ’16.
  • Tenure and promotion to associate professor for Marie Davis-Green, Theatre and Dance; Emilie Gray, Organismal Biology and Ecology; Andreea Marinescu, Spanish; Jared Richman, English; and Sanjaya Thakur, Classics.
  • Emeritus status for Richard Storey, retired dean of the college and professor of biology.
  • Changes to Part Two of the Faculty Handbook pertaining to tenure procedure (VII. B), recruitment procedures (IV. A), denial of tenure (XIII. D. 2) and dismissal of tenured faculty (XIII. D.3). (All changes were approved at the Block 3 and 4 faculty meetings.)
  • Adoption of the Campus Master Plan.

In addition to reports from Dean Wong and President Tiefenthaler, the board heard reports from Gail Murphy-Geiss, outgoing chair of the Faculty Executive Committee, and CCSGA President Alejandro Salazar. The board thanked both of them for their work and dedication.

On Friday, the board’s three Strategic Project Teams and Standing Committees met.

Strategic Project Team Agendas:

  • Campaign Planning – Trustees discussed the campaign timeline and also received an update on the feasibility study.
  • Library Planning – Trustees heard from the schematic design architect, Pfeiffer Partners, on next steps for the library renovation.
  • Campus Master Plan/Communications Master Plan – Trustees heard the final presentation on the Campus Master Plan by consultants Atkin Olshin Schade Architects and OLIN Landscape Architects. They also received an update on the Communications Master Plan.

Standing Committee Agendas:

  • Buildings, Grounds, & Infrastructure – Trustees discussed next steps toward campus carbon reduction. In addition, they received reports on hail damage repairs and IT network improvements.
  • Investment – Trustees reviewed the asset allocation model and portfolio liquidity. Monticello Associates gave an update on the quarterly market review. Governance – The committee met with students in a question-and-answer session. They also discussed and recommended approval of the new charter trustees and student trustee.
  • Budget & Finance – Trustees discussed and recommended approval of the 2015-16 comprehensive fee and budget. In addition, the committee discussed financing options to bridge campaign giving and initiate strategic projects.

The trustees are impressed with our progress. Their next meeting is a retreat in June, but many board members look forward to joining us for Commencement festivities.

November 2014 Trustee Update

The Board of Trustees was on campus for their regular November meeting.  The trustees began their meeting with dinner and a panel discussion on climate change with Matt Banks '97, of the World Wildlife Fund, and Katherine Neebe '97, of the Walmart Sustainability Group, moderated by Professor of Economics Mark Smith.

The board approved several items during its Saturday business meeting, including:

  • Emeritus status for Heinz Geppert – Lecturer of German
  • The college's statement of commitment to diversity and inclusion, which was recommended and developed by faculty, staff and student strategic action teams, and previously shared with the faculty and the Cabinet. Diversity Statement
  • A document, outlining the responsibilities and expectations of CC trustees.   Trustee Responsibilities and Expectations
  • A new committee — the Diversity and Equity Advisory Board (DEAB) — to the faculty handbook.  This change was recommended by the FEC and approved by the faculty during the Block 2 faculty meeting. DEAB Faculty Handbook
  • Life trustee status for Dan Cooper.

In addition, on Friday, the board's three Strategic Project Teams (SPT's) and Standing Committees met.   

Strategic Project Teams (SPT's) SPT Agendas

  • Campaign Planning – Trustees discussed campaign messaging and a feasibility study.  In addition, the SPT approved Gift Policies and Campaign Counting Guidelines.
  • Library Planning – Trustees discussed the schematic design architect finalists (Sasaki, Pfeiffer Partners, Will Bruder Architects and Michael Graves and Associates).  In the coming weeks, a final decision will be made and announced.
  • Campus Master Plan/Communications Master Plan – Trustees received updates from the Campus Master Plan consultants Atkin, Olshin Schade and the Communications Master Plan team Victors and Spoils.

Standing Committees Standing Committee Agendas

  • Buildings, Grounds, & Infrastructure – Trustees reviewed the Extended Facility Condition Index and received an overview of the IT Infrastructure.
  • Investment – Trustees reviewed the asset allocation model and portfolio liquidity.  Monticello Associates gave an update on the quarterly market review.
  • Governance – The committee recommended a new document outlining  trustee responsibilities and expectations and discussed a transparency proposal submitted by the Progressive Student Alliance. 
  • Budget & Finance – Trustees reviewed the debt portfolio and also received an update from the Audit Committee, which is a subcommittee of Budget & Finance.  There were no significant findings in the annual audit. 

On Saturday during the board plenary session, Professor of Psychology Tricia Waters, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students Mike Edmonds, and Director of the Wellness Resource Center Heather Horton gave a presentation to the board on student life.

The next trustee meeting will be in February 2015. 

May 2014 Trustee Update

During their visit, the trustees approved several items. 

  • The election of new trustees:
    • Student Trustee – Elliot Mamet ’15
    • Young Alumni Trustee – Kalen Acquisto ’13
    • Alumni Trustee – Tony Rosendo ’02
    • Charter Trustee – Marc St John ’80
  • The renewal of current charter trustees:
    • Neal Baer ’78
    • John Chalik ’67
    • Eben Moulton ’68
    • Adam Press ’84
    • Jane Rawlings ’70
    • Bob Selig ’61
    • Mike Slade ’79
  • Emeritus status for six retiring faculty:
    • Walter Hecox, Professor of Environmental Science 
    • Richard Koc, Professor of German 
    • Paul Maruyama, Lecturer in Japanese 
    • Stephen Scott, Professor of Music 
    • David Weddle, Professor of Religion 
    • Armin Wishard, Professor of German
  • The promotion to full professor for three faculty members: 
    • Neena Grover, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 
    • Sarah Hautzinger, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    • Corinne Scheiner, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
  • Updates to the Faculty Handbook:
    • Part 4: V. B.10. Committee on Instruction and Part 4: V. B. 19. General Education Oversight Committee. Merging of these two committees into the Committee on Instruction. Approved during the Block 5 faculty meeting. 
    • Part 2: XIII. D. Dismissal and Procedures for Appeal. Approved during the Block 6 faculty meeting.

In addition to the meetings of their standing committees and special project teams, the trustees received an update on pilot projects funded by the Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching. The trustees also heard a beautiful performance by the Bowed Piano Ensemble. 

The trustees continue to be impressed with our progress and look forward to further engagement with the campus community at their fall meeting.

February 2014 Trustee Update

During the annual February Board of Trustees meeting there was much enthusiasm about the progress being made at Colorado College. The board approved several items including:

  • The 2014-15 budget, setting tuition and fees at $46,410. For students living on the campus, the comprehensive fee will be $57,162, with a standard double room rate of $6,176 and the meal plan C rate of $4,576.
  • Tenure and promotion for four faculty members. 
    • Pedro de Araujo, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business
    • Peggy Daugherty, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    • Stefan Erickson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
    • Peter Wright, Assistant Professor of Religion
  • Tenure for one faculty member: Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance Shawn Womack.
  • Emeritus status for retired Professor of Political Science Curtis Cook.
  • The installation of solar panels on top of Cornerstone and El Pomar Sports Center. 

In addition to the work done on the four standing committees of Audit; Governance; Investment; and Budget, Buildings and Grounds, the trustees worked with campus leaders on strategic projects. This year's strategic project teams are Campaign Planning; Library Renovation; Campus Master Plan/Communication Plan; and Environmental Stewardship and Innovation. 

The board also heard presentations on campus safety, our newly-revised Half Block, and faculty-student research collaboration and enjoyed dinner with members of the Faculty Executive Committee.

November 2013 Trustee Update

The trustees had a very productive fall meeting. The board approved the following:

  • Emeritus status for several retired faculty members. Congratulations!
    • Donna Arnink– Professor Emerita, Drama and Dance
    • Margaret Duncombe – Professor Emerita, Sociology
    • Ronald Hathaway – Professor Emeritus, Biology
    • Bruce Kola – Lecturer Emeritus, Sport Science
    • Libby Rittenberg – Professor Emerita, Economics and Business
    • Adrienne Seward – Professor Emerita, English
    • Yun Yu Wang – Professor Emerita, Theatre and Dance
    • William Weida – Professor Emeritus, Economics and Business
  • A naming policy that will help guide the college in the naming of campus spaces and programs.
  • The external audit was approved. Because of the good work of many staff and faculty, there were no major findings.

In addition, the trustees worked on their Strategic Project Teams (SPTs). This year's SPTs are: (1) campaign planning, (2) library planning, (3) campus master plan/master communications plan, and (4) environmental stewardship and innovation. These teams are closely tied to the implementation of the strategic plan and the work of our campus-based action and knowledge-development teams.

Finally, the trustees recognized the contributions of four individuals who are transitioning from voting charter trustees to life trustees. These individuals — Bill Hybl, Mike Lampton, Doug Norberg, and Sue Woolsey — have generously shared their time, talents, and treasure with CC.

May 2013 Trustee Update

There were two main presentations during this meeting. Members from the Student Divestment Committee (SDC) gave the Investment Committee a presentation on the reasons the college should divest from fossil fuels. The president also presented the emerging themes and draft of the college's strategic plan. There was much excitement about this draft.

During the board's business meeting, trustees approved several key items:

  1. New Trustees - Two charter trustees, Andy Stenovec and Thayer Tutt; President-Elect of the Alumni Association Board Christine Schluter; and 2013-14 Student Trustee Joel Begay. Three trustees received life trustee status: Bill Hybl, Doug Norberg, and Sue Woolsey.
  2. Two college-wide policies (required for compliance) – (1)The Policy on Gift Administration and (2) The Code of Ethical Conduct/Conflict of Interest.
  3. Emeritus Status to Professor Paul Kuerbis. Congratulations Paul!
  4. New Board Officers – Eben Moulton (chair), Phil Swan (vice-chair), Susie Burghart (secretary)

Additionally, the board joined the campus community for the public opening of the newly renovated El Pomar Sports Center and Adam F. Press Fitness Center. The trustees will meet again in July for their retreat, when they will approve the college's strategic plan.

February 2013 Trustee Update

The February 2013 Board of Trustees meeting began on Thursday, February 21. There were several presentations given by the president and the president's cabinet. Among many things, the president gave the board updates on our Year of Planning and the dean of students/vp for student life updated the trustees on new activities in the Career Center and the upcoming Slocum renovations.

At the business meeting, which was held on Saturday, February 23, the board also approved several key items, which include:

  1. The 2013-2014 budget that includes next year's tuition and fees
  2. The president’s tenure recommendations for Megan Anderson, Geology; Steven Hayward, English; Miro Kummel, Environmental Science; and Jane Murphy, History
  3. Honorary degrees
  4. Emerita Status to Laurel Watkins

Currently, the board is finalizing bylaw changes, and will be heavily engaged in the selection of their next chairperson. The next board meeting is May 2-4.

September 2012 Trustee Update

The Colorado College Board of Trustees arrived on campus on Thursday, September 20, and began their meeting with committee business. On Friday, trustees received an update on the strategic planning process and heard a presentation from students and faculty who completed benchmarking research over the summer. The business portion of their meeting concluded Saturday morning, September 22, with the full Board voting to approve professor emeritus status for Bob Loevy. New trustee Lynne Cheney ’63 was sworn in at this time as well.

Much of the trustees’ time on campus was devoted to participating in inaugural events including: the campus-wide community service project; a dinner with the president and special guests; the installation ceremony; and the reception, dinner, and ball following the inauguration.

July 2012 Trustee Update

The Colorado College Board of Trustees met in mid-July for a retreat, during which most of their time was spent completing visioning exercises in preparation for the upcoming year of strategic planning. In addition, they conducted a business session where the following items were approved:

  1. Swearing in of new trustees:
    • Samantha Barlow ’13 (student trustee)
    • Angela Cobian ’11 (young alumni trustee)
    • Heather Carroll ’89 (alumni trustee)
  2. Election of new standing committee chairs and vice-chairs
    • Governance – Phil Swan (chair)
    • Audit - Sue Allon (chair), Bill Campbell (vice-chair)
    • Investment - Eben Moulton (chair), Adam Press (vice-chair)
    • Budget and Finance - Amy Louis (chair)
  3. Resolution charging the president to complete a strategic plan for the college during the coming year.
  4. Review of athletics programs (See Trustee Statement on Athletics Programs)

May 2012 Trustee Update

The Colorado College Board of Trustees kicked off their recent on-campus meeting Thursday evening, May 17, with a celebratory dinner to thank key divisional staff for their efforts in making the 2011-12 year a success. They participated in the dedication of the Richard F. Celeste Theatre on Friday, May 18. Former President Dick Celeste returned for the ceremony and lunch that followed.

Trustees interacted with faculty while on campus, learning more about the arts within the liberal arts from Professors Scott Johnson, Susan Grace, and David Mason. They also dined with CC endowed professors and listened to Professor Anne Hyde as she spoke about her Bancroft Prize-winning book, “Empires, Nations and Families: A History of the North American West, 1800-1860.”

Board members spent much of their time on campus discussing committee business, voting to approve emeritus status for Professor Peggy Berg; Samantha Barlow as the first student trustee; re-election to new four-year terms for trustees Van Skilling, Cole Wilbur, Brian Williamson, and Jack Wold; and re-election for the 2012-13 year for Board officers Sue Woolsey, chair; Bob Manning, co-vice-chair; Nancy Woodrow, co-vice-chair; and Mike Lampton, secretary. Their meeting concluded on Saturday, May 19.

Life Trustee Criteria

Committee Agendas

Strategic Project Team Agendas

Roles & Responsibilities