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Tuition & Fees

In a context of tight budgets, we are working to enhance the educational experience of our students. CC’s cost of attendance is based on extensive deliberations about financial aid, salaries, operating costs, and other economic realities.  This year we continue to strongly support a high-quality experience inside and outside the classroom. 

We also have sought to constrain the increase in the cost of attendance, in the face of ongoing economic challenges for so many of our families. For the 2018-19 academic year, our comprehensive fee will increase slightly. This comprises tuition and fees of $55,470, with the base room and board rates of $12,512. Students must receive approval via Dean of Students Office for a tuition adjustment, and the per block rate includes the activity fee which is $9,245 per block. 

Our top priorities are maintaining and strengthening the quality of the educational program, holding the undergraduate enrollment target near 2,100, and ensuring access to a CC education. Thus, we have sustained our commitment to hiring new tenure-track faculty—and we have been successful in recruiting our top choices of young, diverse, extraordinarily talented faculty to carry on CC’s tradition of dedicated, student-focused teaching.

A student hard at work in class.
A student hard at work in class.


Tuition $54,996  
Student Activity Fee $474  
Room Allowance $7,530 double room in residence hall
Board Allowance $4,982 meal plan C
Books & Supplies $1,220 estimate
Misc. Allowance $1,270
Transportation $1,170
Total cost $71,642

Additionally, all students are required to have health insurance while attending Colorado College and to provide annual proof of coverage either through a family health insurance plan or through the CC Student Health Insurance plan. More information is available with our Student Health Center.

We have need-based aid and merit-based scholarships available. Please see our Financial Aid pages for more detail about these funds.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid & Student Employment 
or studentemployment@

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Fax: 719-389-6173

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