Mission and Vision

"At Colorado College our goal is to provide the finest liberal arts education in the country. Drawing upon the adventurous spirit of the Rocky Mountain West, we challenge students, one course at a time, to develop those habits of intellect and imagination that will prepare them for learning and leadership throughout their lives."


"...our goal is to provide the finest liberal arts education in the country..."

At Colorado College, offering the finest liberal arts education in the country is what we aspire to. Our unique Block Plan system provides students with the most immersive and we feel rewarding method of learning possible. It offers in-depth study of a subject, oftentimes covering far more material than most semester-based programs, at demanding and inspiring levels.

"...adventurous spirit of the Rocky Mountain West..."

We offer unparalleled access to the outdoors, and CC students are no strangers to the adventurous spirit that flourishes here in the Rocky Mountain West. This attitude is something that is instilled into everything we do here. Curiosity is the driver and ingenuity is the outcome.

"...develop those habits of intellect and imagination..."

Our academic environment challenges our students, and drives them toward discovery. The nature of the Block Plan enables students to truly find and pursue their passions. Additionally, many courses venture beyond the classroom elsewhere - whether it be studying astronomy at our Baca campus or simply taking your readings outside. CC allows students and professors alike to make their college experience whatever they choose it to be.

"...learning and leadership throughout their lives..."

At CC, we pride ourselves not solely upon academic rigors and standards, but also on the traits it seeks to bring out in its students. We encourage and facilitate numerous opportunities for student volunteer work, such as BreakOut trips, as well as offering students' leadership positions both on campus and within the local Colorado Springs community. Leadership is something that we strive for in everything we do at CC because the leadership skills cultivated here will allow students to become leaders in whichever career they pursue.

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