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Student Leadership

At Colorado College, student leadership is an essential aspect of our community. We believe all students deserve the chance to lead by example in chasing their own passions, and offer as many opportunities as possible for them to do so. When CC students are given the chance to introduce others to the activities that they are passionate about, the experience is enhanced which allows these activities to thrive and students flourish.


Student leadership opportunities at CC include:

Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA)

CCGSAThis group of students is responsible for representing the students of Colorado College by addressing their concerns and supporting their endeavors. CCSGA acts as a resource for student groups, fosters a safe and spirited community, and cultivates relationships between CC and the greater Colorado Springs area.

All-College Committees

CutlerNine committees assess, discuss, and recommend policies for the current state of the college. Made up of staff, faculty, and students, the all-college committee positions allow students an indispensable opportunity to be an integral part of the process.

Community-Engaged Leadership (CEL) Certificate

CommunityThe Community-Engaged Leadership (CEL) Certificate is designed to assist you to focus and develop your interests and abilities in areas related to service, social justice, leadership, and public engagement.

Resident Advisors (RAs)

RAStudent advisors work with the residential life coordinators of each on-campus residence building to enhance the quality of life in our halls, houses, and apartments. As RAs, students gain important experience in working on a team; managing time, conflict, and responsibility; and communicating well.

Student Organizations

Rock ClimbingPositions of leadership within CC student groups can give you an opportunity to pursue excellence in your areas of interest. Curious about intramural sport opportunities? Take your pick! We have quite the selection whether it be club water polo or club rugby and many more. Perhaps you’re interested in art and social change — we have that too. Join our Arts for Social Change Coalition, whose goal is to mobilize artists and curators across multiple mediums and disciplines to co-create a better community. Your choice of more than 100 student groups gives you the ability to engage in anything you like, and adjust your level of commitment to your availability and enthusiasm.