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Class of 2019

Chosen from a record applicant pool of 8,064 students, the Class of 2019 arrived in mid-August with 586 students beginning their studies this fall – 572 on campus in Colorado and another 14 in Europe as part of our Fall Semester Away program. The students studying in Europe will complete four blocks of credit this fall and will join another 30 students as Winter Starts to begin their studies on campus in January 2016. The Class of 2019 hails from 44 states, the District of Columbia, and 20 foreign countries.

Members of the CC Class of 2019

For the third year in a row, more than half of the applicant pool chose to apply either Early Decision or Early Action. The overall admit rate dropped to a record low of 17 percent and the admit rates by round are as follows: Early Decision 29%, Early Action 20%, Regular Action 9%

For the fourth year in a row, more than 25 percent of the class self-identify as students of color and another 7 percent are international students. An unprecedented 15 percent of this class is Pell-eligible. In our second year as a QuestBridge partner, we are proud to introduce another 53 first-year QuestBridge students to Colorado College.

This class includes artists, athletes, community stewards, poets, and scientists. This class speaks 25 languages and plays 17 musical instruments. This class boasts 2 beekeepers, 1 USA National Team rock climber, 1 AAA hockey player, 1 American Idol backup singer, and 3 EMTs. 

Welcome to Colorado College, class of 2019!

Geographic Diversity of the Class of 2019

22% from the West; 16% from Colorado; 16% from the Midwest; 13% from the South; 25% from the Northeast; 8% from abroad

Admitted Student Profile

The Enrolling Fall Class

Acceptance Rates

Early Decision 29%
Early Action 20%
Regular Action 9%
Overall 17%

Median Test Scores

ACT 31
SAT composite (1600 scale) 1380
SAT composite (2400 scale) 2070