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Scientia et Disciplina: “Learning Through Hard Work”

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At Colorado College, we are a thriving community of learners who embrace the hard work it takes to think, teach, and do differently. We challenge our own perspectives and the status quo. We aspire to identify and enroll a diverse group of talented students through a highly selective and unique process that does not rely on traditional metrics. We measure student success not by who students are when they enroll, but by who they are when they graduate. Welcome to a place that produces leaders with the courage to forge their own paths.


To ignite the passion and potential of our students, and the entire CC community, to create a world that is more equitable, humane, and just.


To transform our students by providing the finest liberal arts education available, taught through the academically rigorous, immersive, and flexible Block Plan.


Our pillars support the Colorado College mission — that’s why they’re called pillars! They are foundational to shaping the student experience and the daily work of all faculty and staff at CC. The pillars set the stage for the specific goals and priorities that we develop each year, across every division of the college.

At Colorado College, we provide transformational liberal arts experiences that help our students discover who they are, how to make meaning in the world, and how they find their place in it. Our educational environment is immersive, customizable, and rigorous. Real transformation can only occur when students engage with classmates whose perspectives and backgrounds differ from their own. We are committed to opening the doors wider to Colorado College for students who will thrive here, seize the opportunities our educational model affords, and graduate well prepared to pursue their goals and aspirations.
The Colorado College community is made up of intelligent, caring, and compassionate individuals who want to make the world a better place. Our people — students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, families, and our neighbors in Colorado Springs — are the lifeblood of CC. We must actively support, engage, and serve each of these communities in different ways — from elevating student mental health and wellness, to increasing recognition and support for faculty and staff, to expanding engagement opportunities for alumni. We also know that will not reach our ambitious goals without collective commitment and support. Philanthropy is essential to our sustainable future, and we will work to inspire generosity at every level.
We are building an environment where diverse viewpoints are welcomed, shared, challenged, and debated — and where empathy and understanding lead to bold actions. Our steadfast commitments to antiracism, sustainability, and mental health, and bold decisions like withdrawing from the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” rankings, in many ways define us. We are not afraid to discuss relevant and sometimes divisive topics with open ears, non-judgmental minds, and respectful dialogue. We take on complex issues facing humanity, our democracy, and our sense of justice. We are committed to free speech and civil discourse, and we believe these principles are vital to building well-informed citizens with the capacity to make change in the world.
People need to know — the world needs to know — what our students are achieving in- and outside of the classroom, how our faculty are unlike any other in higher education, and how our alumni are changing the world. Colorado College will no longer be a hidden gem. We’ll elevate CC’s reputation by sharing the benefits of our unique learning experience, the promise of the Block Plan, and the students who go through it. We pursue excellence in every area of our community, from the classroom to the research lab to the field of play. We will show the world what makes our students and graduates extraordinary.

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What do we mean by lens? A lens is a medium through which something can be seen or understood. At CC, this means that as we make decisions, set priorities, or take an action, we should consider how those decisions and actions impact our antiracism, sustainability, and mental health and wellness commitments.

Sustainability is not optional at Colorado College — it is central to our community and to the examples we set through all our work. We aspire to make CC a model for sustainability in every sense of the word. We are an academic community that lives its commitment to a thriving future, honoring the economic, social, and environmental narratives of our complex ecosystem.
Only when the entire CC community can learn, work, and live in an environment that fosters mental wellness can we provide students with outstanding liberal arts experiences. Mental health and wellness are central priorities of the college. In response to student feedback, we have significantly expanded support and resources for students, faculty, and staff. Our resources, policies, and programming are designed to equip students with the skills, habits, and resilience to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
As an institution committed to antiracism, we strive for an environment that does not foster negative experiences or outcomes based on race. With antiracism central to our mission, our faculty, staff, and students will experience greater equity and inclusion, our teaching will become more impactful, and our students will be better prepared to make meaningful change in the world.

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project 2024 Project 2024 was an inclusive, community-based approach designed to co-create the college’s vision and priorities during a transitional moment in higher education. President L. Song Richardson challenged the entire CC community to have visionary discussions about how we educate our students, capitalize on our unique strengths, and take advantage of the opportunities available to us to do what we do better. Project 2024 discussions began in 2021 and concluded in spring 2024.

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