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Alumni Profiles

Austin Lukondi '17Austin

Austin Lukondi completed a double major in Education and Sociology in 2017. Despite also minoring in Race, Ethnicity and Migration studies, Austin was involved in many organizations including Queer Community Coalition, EQUAL and Femco.

Like many CC Education majors, Austin is working within the education field, but not as a classroom teacher:                                                                                                                          

"I started working as a Research Assistant in the department of Research and Assessment Design at Jeffco Public Schools in July after graduation. In my role as a Research Assistant, I work on district-wide research and assessment needs and have the pleasure of working with the Title I department where I get to serve and do research for mostly Title I schools." 

Full Profile                       Research Assistant, Jeffco Public Schools

                                                                                                        Denver, CO


Pritts 17Mike Pritts MAT '17

Mike Pritts completed his Master of Arts in Teaching in 2017 and is currently a social studies teacher and football coach at Fountain-Fort Carson High School. He is pursuing his Masters degree in history, as well as broadening his content knowledge through summer internships at museums.

Mike’s advice for those balancing teaching with other responsibilities: “Develop and adhere to a routine that carves out time to take care of yourself.  You have to make time for physical activity, family, personal reading and sleep.  Otherwise, you may burn out quickly and your students will suffer”.              

Full Profile                                Social Studies Teacher, Fountain-Fort Carson HS
                                                                                                            Colorado Springs, CO                                                         

Caroline Foley '16                                                                                 

Caroline Foley graduated from CC in 2016 with a major in Education. While at CC, she was involved with Kappa Alpha Theta, New Student Orientation, and worked as a private tutor.C Foley Alumni Picture

Her take-away from her time in the Education department:

“The disparities in our education system and how that ultimately affects students’ life paths has inspired me to work with organizations that serve low-income populations and offer youth the resources they deserve and need in order to succeed, which I do not think I would have sought out, unless I had developed a greater understanding of the education system and my own personal teacher identity from my education coursework at CC."

Full Profile                    Program Coordinator, Access Opportunity                                                                                                                                  Denver, CO

Myles Johnson MAT '10

Myles Johnson graduated from the MAT program in 2010 and currently serves as Superintendent in Idalia School District RJ-3. Myles is grateful for his challenging coursework in the MAT program, and discusses what has helped him remain in the profession:                                                                                                              Myles Johnson 10 (2)

Taking the time to build meaningful relationships with each and every student is the difference between being a mediocre teacher and a successful teacher.  Teachers who make the effort to build relationships with their students are the ones who not only enjoy their jobs the most, but are also the most effective”.                                                                                                                                                                                  


 Superintendent, Idalia School District RJ-3
                                                              Idalia, CO

Full Profile