Samuel Farnham '14

Farnham with Kids

Samuel Farnham is Colorado College's first ever graduate with a major in Education!!! While paving the way for future Education students, Sam was also in the Carnivore club, was a member of the cross country team, and worked at North middle school in the AVID program.

Since graduating he's had a range of teaching experiences including Kindergarten, K-8 Gifted and Talented education, and currently, teaching 1st grade in District 11. Sam is grateful for his CC coursework on classroom management and parent communication because "these areas are critical to keeping a classroom running smoothly and creating a strong and supportive community where parents feel included and valued".

Although he hopes to eventually work with special needs students in outdoor education settings, he stays focused on the end of the school day, school week, and school year. He reminds current teacher-to-be that "more classroom time you can get the better, whether it is teaching, observing, or working as a TA. Watch other teachers teach and steal their techniques".

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