Tuition & Fees

Graduate Tuition Rates for Academic Year 2023-24

2023-24 Graduate Tuition Rates
1 CC Unit (4 semester hrs.) 1/4 CC Unit (1 semester hr.)
Regular Classes $4,400 $1,100
Practicum Classes $1,575

The cost of earning a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree from Colorado College compares very favorably with similar programs at other colleges and universities locally and nationally.

Refund/Course Change Policy

Financial Consequences of Summer Course Changes
If a student withdraws from a course prior to one week before it begins, by formally notifying the Registrar's Office in writing, tuition will be refunded (if already paid) or not charged for that course; however, the deposit will not be refunded. A student who withdraws later, but on or before the third day of the block, will be refunded 70 percent of the tuition that has already been charged. After the third day of the block, full tuition will be charged. Within the period of one week before the course starts and the third day of its block, students may exchange registration for other courses that carry the same total unit values and are scheduled during the same block with no tuition penalty other than forfeiting any course deposits previously submitted for the dropped course. If a change in courses during this period results in enrollment for fewer units, students will be charged 30 percent of the tuition costs for the number of units dropped and not replaced.

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