Content Testing Requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program at Colorado College does not require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Instead, we ask that you take the state licensure test in the content area in which you are seeking to teach.

Even though it is not a requirement of admission, you must take and pass the PRAXIS II exam prior to beginning the fall semester of the MAT Program. It is recommended that you take the test as soon as you know you will be applying to the MAT Program. This test is also used for licensure purposes by the Colorado Department of Education at the end of the MAT Program.





The Education Testing Service (ETS) administers the PRAXIS II exam. In order for us to receive your score report, you will need to use "4072" for Colorado College's institution code and "7040" for the Colorado Department of Education's code.


The approved test type and test codes for your particular program are:


- 5901 Bundle, PRAXIS II: Math (5903), Social Studies (5904), and Science (5905)
- Science of Reading, PRAXIS II (5205)



Art: PRAXIS II, 5135
English: PRAXIS II, 5038
French: PRAXIS II 5174
German: PRAXIS II, 5183
Latin: PRAXIS II, 5601
Mathematics: PRAXIS II, 5165
Music: PRAXIS II,5113
Science: PRAXIS II, 5436
Social Studies: PRAXIS II, 5081
Spanish: PRAXIS II, 5195
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