International Student Teaching

It is said that the world is not getting smaller, but it is getting closer. To better understand this new "flat world," a unique and challenging option exists for students who want to obtain an elementary (kindergarten to grade six), art (grades kindergarten to twelve), or secondary teaching license (to teach English, French, German, Latin, Spanish, mathematics, music, science, or social studies) while at Colorado College. After successful completion of two blocks of student teaching in the Pikes Peak area, students may opt to complete their remaining two blocks of student teaching internationally. Placements are possible in the following types of settings:

  • American/International schools that offer an American curriculum to international students.
  • International schools that teach an international curriculum to students from several countries.
  • Host country schools that teach students of that country the curriculum of that country, e.g., England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Through partnerships, placements are possible in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australia-New Zealand. Sydney, Australia

Why should students consider international student teaching? It provides:

  • An opportunity to learn to live in another culture, be flexible in new situations, and become better at problem solving and listening.
  • A chance to experience, first-hand, the culture (the arts, history, geography) of another country which will promote the development of a global perspective.
  • An opportunity, ultimately, to "share the world" with future students.
  • Personal and professional growth that will serve well in all future endeavors.

For further information please contact the Director of Teacher Education Programs Debra Yazulla Mortenson.

Photo credit: Sydney Opera House at night Close up HDR Sydney Australia by Hai Linh Truong, on Flickr

"As the world becomes more deeply connected, intercultural understanding becomes more and more important. Each of us is truly a citizen of the world, not just of our own country. Actively encouraging diversity and expanding students' global understanding is a valued part of the CC experience."

Former Colorado College President Richard Celeste
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