Student Research

TREE Semester Portfolio

Victoria Joseph's TREE (Teaching and Research in Environmental Education) portfolio, Fall 2022.

Victoria Joseph ED Major 2023

MAT Learning Across the Program

Grace Peak's Teacher Toolkit illustrates the synthesis of her learning from the Dyslexia Specialist and Teacher Licensure MAT programs. Fall 2022.

Grace Peak CLLC

Jubilee Rivera-Hernandez website summary of learnings from the MAT Program, fall 2020.

Jubilee Rivera-Hernandez


2020 Dyslexia Specialist Program MAT Research Posters

Master of Arts in Teaching MAT Dyslexia Specialist 2020 Masters Research
Kathy Gillette MAT Poster Shannon Summers 2020 MAT Poster Zehr MAT Poster 2020
Kathy Gillette
Teaching Phonological Skills
Multisensory Strategies


Shannon Summers
Examining the Efficacy of
Interventions For
Students With
Varying Levels
of Learning Difference

Anna Zehr
Teacher Training
and the Colorado READ


2020 Initial Licensure MAT Research Posters


Master of Arts in Teaching MAT education 2020 initial licensure Masters Research
Chelo Barton 2020 MRP Poster Dani Collette 2020 MRP Poster Mona Cousino MAT Poster Olivia Stenholm MAT Poster
Consuelo Barton
The Social Contract:
Building Community and
Fostering Prosocial Behavior
in Kindergarten
Danielle Collette
Positive Reflection and
Academic Self-Efficacy
Mona Cousar
The Effect of Arts Integration on Self-Efficacy
Jamyoung Dorji Olivia Stenholm
The Effect of Group Work on
Student Motivation in the
Art Classroom
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