Olivia Martinez

Olivia Martinez

Pronouns: she/her

Graduation year: BA 2020, MAT 2021

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Currently living in: Basalt, Colorado

Current occupation: Youth & Community Engagement Manager at Anderson Ranch Arts Center


What was your experience at CC like as an Education major?

I loved the Education Department and being able to engage with many different teachers and students. I did the TREE Semester and interned at the Colorado Spring Fine Arts Center at CC as an Education Intern. Although these may seem like separate experiences, they created a project-based learning environment that taught me so much through experience!


Why were you interested in focusing on Education as your major?

Going into CC I was thinking about becoming a classroom teacher, but after several classes, I realized that there were so many other forms of teaching that excited me, specifically educational institutions, like art centers, museums, and non-profits. I thought that the realm of education would help me with my understanding of how to engage and connect with people and communities. It also gave me insight into how public schools operate, ways of thinking, and various practicum strategies, which are all things and skills I try to use or connect with in my current position.


How are you using your major in your post-CC life?

I am the Youth and Community Engagement Manager at Anderson Ranch which is an art center that provides programs like residency, visiting artists, summer workshops and so much more. Through this position, I work to create field trips, school curricula, community outreach, after-school programs, teen mentorship programs, and educator workshops - all through the arts! I use my degree from CC all the time to develop programs, connect with people and teach workshops with students ages 4-18. Although I did not expect this path for me, I am very glad the Education Department at CC gave me the skills and experience to be able to adapt to a position like this.

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