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Since the early 1900s students and faculty have been making “first ascents,” pushing their limits mountaineering and climbing in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. 

In 2006, Michael Wejchert ’08 and Joe Forrester ’06 founded The Colorado College Alpine Journal. During its run, the Alpine Journal worked to connect students, alumni, faculty, and staff through storytelling to celebrate and highlight CC’s unique and significant climbing community. 

Since going out of print in 2017, the Alpine Journal has returned, albeit in a different form. Welcome to The Colorado College Outdoor Journal

While we recognize the rich technical climbing community that CC has fostered, we also recognize that this community has been and is very insular – that is largely white, straight, wealthy, and male-dominated. 

In line with continuing the tradition of outdoor storytelling at CC, the Colorado College Outdoor Journal strives to expand the scope of coverage around the adventures that students, alumni, athletes and activists embark on. The CCOJ is for casual evening strollers, backyard botanists, ski fanatics, and more – from novice to expert. It is a publication for anyone who loves being outside.

We have a long way to go, we are the first to admit that. We invite you to join us and criticize us. We are here to grow and create a space on campus for students of all backgrounds to enjoy the outdoors and tell their stories. 

We’re so happy you are here. Let’s get outside. 

Claire Barber ’23 and Lorea Zabaleta ’23


Calling all alumni, faculty, staff, and students – got a story to tell? Give us a holler. 

The journal is always looking for writers, photographers, artists, filmmakers, etc. to help us tell stories. Even if you’ve never written a piece before or put together a photo essay – we’re here to help you grow and break into the outdoor journalism world. 

We accept pitches and inquires on a rolling basis. Even if you don’t know what to say… that’s okay. Feel free to say hi or join our listserv to hear about all that’s going on. 

Visit us at ccoutdoorjournal.com


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