Outdoor Education Center


Efficient Appliances
  • Kitchen appliances are Energy Star certified and use 20-30% less energy than standard appliances
  • Lights are motion-sensored
    • Placards explaining sustainable practices throughout building
    • All-gender bathroom
    • Bathrooms have compostable brown hand towels
      Sustainable Materials
      • Floors in the kitchen and the bathrooms are made from renewable, natural linseed oil as opposed to petroleum-based vinyl linoleum
      • The tile in the bathroom and kitchen is made from natural clay and recycled glass, rather than virgin glass.
      • Our deck is made of 95% recycled plastic and is resistant to water and weathering, which means it will last longer than traditional wood
      • Our tables in our meeting rooms & cabinets are made from bamboo
      • Our cabinets are made from bamboo
      • The gear house display and check-out table was made from a silver oak that was cut down on campus, wheat-board (wheat husks), and pine beetle kill boards.
      • Hardwood floors were refinished
      • Crown molding was maintained instead of being replaced
      • Floors in the basement repurposed the 100+ year old concrete and simply grinded and polished them as opposed to putting a new material down
      • 120 year old marble bathtub was repurposed to be the fireplace insert in the main boardroom.
      Recycled Materials
      • Whiteboards are made from recycled glass instead of plastic, which requires fossil fuels to produce
      • All of the cork boards in offices are also made from recycled rubber
      • Our deck furniture is made of recycled skis and snowboards, a great way of repurposing old outdoor equipment
      • The kitchen countertops are made from recycled glass bottles
      • The office furniture was repurposed from a business that no longer had a use for them
      • Low-flow toilets and faucets

      • Meditation walk that goes around our building that incorporates 3 different ecosystems that are found throughout the state of Colorado
      • Xeriscape around the building is made up of all native and drought tolerant plants
      • Plants watered using reclaimed water through a drip irrigation system
        Bulk Food Pantry
        • Quality organic bulk food at affordable prices
        • Helps trips eat healthy while reducing unnecessary food waste and packaging
        • Bag maker helps ensure exact proportions size and are a reusable source
          The Ahlberg Gear House
          • Focus on Reusing
          • The Repair center offers a sewing machine, as well as ski tuning/waxing, and backpack repair
          • Intentions behind our retail aim to cut down on emissions
          • Recycling fuel bottles properly, hosting a gear swap, and having a guide book library and maps for tools are some ways the Gear House aims to be green
          The Ritt Kellogg Climbing Wall
          • Repurpose retired ropes
          • Implement reusable route description cards
          • Equipment free to borrow for students
          • Sanitizer offered at Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym
          • Vinegar is used to clean holds
          • Reused water is also used for cleaning purposes
            The Co-op: Bike & Ski
            • Teaches others how to repair their own bikes and skis
            • Reuse/recycle tubes
            • Donate extra materials to art department

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            Facility Hours

            Outdoor Education Center
            Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
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            The Ahlberg Gear House and Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym will be open during the summer on a limited schedule. The Bike and Ski Co-op will be available by appointment only.  Please visit each facility page for more information regarding hours and precautionary measures.

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