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About Us

Ryan Hammes
Director of Outdoor Education
(719) 227-8131

David Crye
Assistant Director of Outdoor Education
(719) 389-6943

Ryan Hammes, Director David Crye
Rachael Abler
Outdoor Education Specialist
(719) 389-6803 
Andrew Allison-Godfrey
Outdoor Education & Ritt Kellogg
Memorial Fund Coordinator
(719) 389-6803
Rachael Abler, Outdoor Education Specialist Picture Andrew_Allison-Godfrey.crop3

(719) 389-6803

Register for a trip on

(September - May)

Ahlberg Gear House

MON - THURS: 2-6pm
FRI: 12:30-2:30pm
CLOSED: Wed - Fri of 4th Week

Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym

MON - WED: 4-10pm
THURS: 4-9pm
SUN: 6-9pm

The Co-op: Bike & Ski

MON - THURS: 3-5pm
CLOSED: 4th Week