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Outdoor Education offers financial aid to students in a variety of ways. Most trips associated with Outdoor Ed are heavily subsidized, making them more accessible to the student body. Those looking for further financial aid, or to subsidize those opportunities not sponsored by Outdoor Education can consult these options:

  • Financial Aid for an OE Trip/Course- CCSGA has awarded Outdoor Education a budget for the school year to put towards financial aid. Part of this will be awarded to students on a case by case basis. Any CC student is eligible to apply for up to 50% off Outdoor Education trips or courses. Ideal candidates are those who present quality applications and demonstrate the greatest need. See SUMMIT for more information.

  • Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund- The Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund provides both educational and expeditionary grants to CC students, promoting personal challenge and growth through wilderness expeditions. Educational grants are accepted on a rolling basis, while expedition grants are awarded once a year. See the RKMF Page for more information.
  • Wilderness First Responder- Outdoor Education offers 10 need-based scholarships for our half-block Wilderness First Responder courses. Applications will be available on SUMMIT soon.

See Inclusion Page.

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