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In the spirit of Ritt Kellogg, Colorado College ’90, the Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund helps Colorado College students promote imagination, challenge and personal growth in their own responsible and conscientious pursuit of wilderness expeditions and education. The purpose of the Fund is to support adventure and outdoor education thru wilderness expedition grants, training and environmental service and wilderness-related resources for Tutt Library. The Fund additionally supports the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Wall. The Fund is available only to students currently enrolled at Colorado College.

Since it's inauguration in 1995, the Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund has provided 320 students with expedition funding; resulting in 134 successful expeditions and countless life-changing experiences for Colorado College students.  


Support the Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund!

2014 Expeditions Slide Show

The 2014 RKMF Expeditions Slide Show will be held in the Cornerstone Screening Room on Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm.

Grant Writing Q&A

A grant writing question and answer session will be led by Chris Dickson in the WES Room on Thursday, October 16th at 4:00pm. We will provide information concerning both Expedition and Education Grants.
In addition to the Question and Answer Session, Chris Dickson is available to work with expedition teams on their Grant Applications. Feel free to swing by the Outdoor Education office anytime!

Expedition Grant Application and Submittal Process

RKMF Expedition Grant application sample materials are available on this web site. See our proposal page for more information about the components of an application. The sample applications are downloadable PDFs that may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat, however this year's applications will be submitted using SUMMIT, Colorado College's learning management system. 

The registration for trip proposals is now available on SUMMIT. To create an Expedition Application, groups must first submit a Preliminary Proposal. Please look over the detailed instructions for uploading Grant application materials prior to proposing an expedition.

Education Grants

The Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund provides education grants for technical training to support CC students in planning and executing responsible wilderness expeditions. Education grants are intended for those students who have either received a RKMF expedition grant or plan to apply for a grant in the near future. Funding would ideally be sought by an expedition team but is also available for individuals.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, $4,543 will be available to fund Education Grants for applications received during the first semester and $3,000 will be available for applications received during the second semester. Contact the RKMF Program Coordinator, Chris Dickson, at to inquire about funding availability.

Changes as of 2013

1.  The Expedition Grant Applications will now be submitted on SUMMIT in several stages:

  • Preliminary Proposal: Groups will propose a trip by outlining the proposed destination and desired activity of their expedition. This proposal is submitted on SUMMIT on a rolling basis. 
  • Group Application: If the trip proposal is approved, groups will receive a link to a hidden registration on SUMMIT in which they fill complete their Group Application.
  • Individual Application: Once the group application is approved, expedition proposers will then complete and submit their individual applications. 

** Only once all components of the application are completed and submitted online will the application will be considered for funding.** 

2.  Seniors may continue to apply for and receive expedition grants, so long as:

  • all required forms and releases are submitted 2 weeks prior to graduation;
  • the cash award is made prior to graduation; and,
  • the expedition occurs within 8 months of graduation. 

3.  Non-CC students are no longer eligible to apply for and participate in expeditions.  

Please e-mail the Ritt Kellogg Coordinator, Chris Dickson, or swing by the Outdoor Education Office (Worner 207) to ask further questions. 

Completed Expedition Applications

Due January 5, 2015

Applications for 2015 Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund Expedition Grants are due on January 5th, 2015, the first day of Half-Block. A complete electronic version of the proposal must be submitted to the Colorado College SUMMIT system to be considered. Grant decisions will be announced no later than March 13, the end of Block VI.