Growth Grants

Students on a climbing course with Women's Wilderness

Ritt Kellogg Growth Grants give students the opportunity to grow personally and professionally within the outdoors. Through these supported events the RKMF hopes to diversify who interacts with the outdoors and how they experience outdoor spaces. Growth Grants are focused on providing financial support for communities which deserve more access within the outdoors including gender minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other racial identities, and students from low income families.

Growth Grants will cover 75%-100% of the cost of the program registration fees. Students with demonstrated financial need may apply for lodging, and transportation to and from the experience. The maximum award is $1,000 per person, including registration fees, transportation, and lodging. The percentage of the proposed costs that will be covered will vary based on student financial need.

If you have any questions about applying for a RKMF Growth Grant please contact Outdoor Education at

Applications for Growth Grants are available now on Summit, and are approved on a rolling basis.

Potential Growth Grant Opportunities

These events, organizations, and experiences would be eligible for funding through a Growth Grant. If you have an idea for a potential Growth Grant opportunity let us know!
  • Color the Crag
  • LGBTQ Outdoors Summit
  • Women's Climbing Festival
  • Workshops with scholars like Robin DiAngelo and Carolyn Finney
  • Local and national outdoor organization conferences
  • Events with local chapters of organizations like Outdoor Afro, Brown Girls Climb, Latino Outdoors, Outdoor Asian, and the National Brotherhood of Skiers
  • Trips and skills clinics offered through groups like the Venture Out Project, Queer Nature, Women's Wilderness, and Native Women's Wilderness
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