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    Previous Expeditions

    Click on the years below to see which expeditions were funded that year and to view each expedition's proposal.


    And I walked off an Old Me: Backpacking in the Canadian Rockies

    Annabelle O'Neill, Clare Ende, Sara Fleming, and Sonya Padden

    Training Wheels to Single Track: Bikepacking the Smoke N Fire 400

    Claire Tobin and Josh Raizner

    Banff Backpacking Babes: Backpacking in the Canadian Rockies

    Sarah Laico, Jordan Averill, Marta Sola-Pfeffer

    Let the GA-MEs Begin: Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail

    Bradley Bollag-Miller and Zach Benevento-Zahner

    Out for a Rip in the Great White North: Climb and hike in Gates of the Arctic National Park, paddle the Kobuk River

    Liam Reynolds, Nick Penzel, Skyler Stark-Ragsdale, Charlie Good, Charlie Robinson

    The Gang Goes for a Hike: Thru-hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail

    Isobel Steenrod and Hub Hejna


    Arctic Dreams and the Gates to Paradise: Backpacking in Gates of the Arctic National Park

    Nora Holmes, Caleigh Smith, Rachel Fitch, Sophie Redpath


    Three Weasles on Skeezels: Ski Mountaineering in the Chugach

    Nick Crews, Grace Ford, Nick Merritt


    Voyager Reflection Quest: Bound for Glory in the Boundary Waters

    Delaney Tight, Emily Cain, Alana Aamodt, Austin Hammer, Kilian Morales Coskran, Brian Rubin


    Bowron Lake Beauties "SUP" the Circuit: Stand Up Paddleboarding the Bowron Lake Circut

    Mary Murphy, Sarah Laico


    Trompin' Thru Talus: Thru-Hiking the Sierra High Route

    Genevieve Buzan-Dansereau, Michael Hasson


    Granite, Grass and Steep Grades: Thru-Hiking the John Muir Trail

    Claire Tobin, Josh Raizner


    Against the Grain: Southbound Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

    Kuba Chandler, Isabella Bussain


    We Can See Russia from our Rafts: Climbing and Packrafting in the Brooks Range

    Eliza Stein, Jamie Smith, Joe Purtell, Peter Koe


    Hoping for Gold: Backpacking in the Olympics

    Katie Pell, Zivia Berkowitz


    If the Northern Lights Don't Make a Sound but We Heard Them do They Make a Sound? Backpacking in Tombstone Territorial Park

    Jason Edelstein, Matthew Harris



    Down the Rabbit Hole: Backpacking the Wonderland Trail

    Mary Murphy, Jack Buettner


    Wiggidy Wompin in the Winds: Climbing in the Wind River Range

    Lani Chang, Isaac Radner


    Snorkeling in the Sierras: Climbing in the Whitney Range

    Austin Martin, Grace Ford


    The Marmots Lonesome Cry: Climbing in the Cirque of the Unclimbables

    Jamie Smith, Joe Purtell, Jack Schrott, Carson Fritz


    Looping the Revillagigedo Island by Sea Kayak

    Sophie Redpath, Brian Rubin, Kilian Morales-Coskran


    Infinite Pacific: Backpacking the Lost Coast

    Lykke Bonde, David Malone


    Gone With the Wind: Backpacking the Wind River Range

    Andrew Braverman, Isaac Rubinstein 


    Two Brothers in the Three Sisters: Bikepacking the Three Sisters Wilderness

    Andrew Allison-Godfrey, Jeremy Becker


    Sweatin it Out in the Everglades: Canoeing the Wilderness Waterway

    Peter Lehman, Gabe Poehls


    Popeye's Revenge: Sailing the Sunshine Coast

    Michael Hasson, Nina Riggio, Nate Mankovitch, Erin Burk



    Finding Harmony on the Gila: Packrafting in the Gila Wilderness

    Mollie Podmore, Kat Jacaruso, Nina Lundstrom, Caleb Cofsky


    Testin' Our Limits on the Teslin: Canoeing and Kayaking the Teslin River

    Melissa Seehausen, Bennett Silverman, Alana Aamodt, Austin Hammer


    Casual Slabbin' in the Sierras: Alpine Climbing in the Sierras

    Carson Fritz, Jack Schrott


    Wandering in the Winds: Climbing in the Wind River Range

    Austin Martin, Jamie Smith, Michael Hasson


    Wrangling the Wrangell: Backpacking in Wrangell St. Elias

    Naomi Sherman, Claire Vernon, Madeline Lee


    The Raw Immediacy of the Sound: Sea Kayaking in Prince William Sound

    Becky Hunter, Maggie Bursch


    Women Who Run With Wolves: Backpacking in St. Mary's Alpine Park & the Purcell Wilderness

    Eliza Stein, Katherine Kerr, Sumner Lawson


    Two Wheel Drive: Mountain Biking British Columbia's Coast Range

    Erica Evans, Max Conlon


    Alaskan Solitude: Sea Kayaking Alaska's Inside Passage

    Adam Sterry, Annie Brewster


    The Great Canadian Oar-Deal: Canoeing the Big Salmon River

    Niall Griffin, Adam Young, Salvador Bastien, Nico Ravitch


    Llamas in the Wind: Climbing in the Wind River Range

    Erin Burk, Nina Riggio


    Aspire'ing to Postpone the Real World: Climbing in the Bugaboos

    Colin Chupik, Michael Kauzmann, Will Cohn, Fischer Hazen


    Hikin' for Lichen: Backpacking in Glacier National Park

    Liz Forster, Colin Griffith, Patrick Jurney



    Two Dopes on a Rope: Climbing in the Alaska Range

    JD Merritt, Brett Baekey


    In the Passage: Sea Kayaking the Coast of British Columbia

    Tom Crowe, William Carson, Michael Stevens


    Teton Odyssey: Backpacking & Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

    Tom Merrick, Josh Winkler, Lee Junkin


    Exploring the Kenai: The Other Final Frontier

    Rayna Nolen, Christian Bladon, Jessica Wright, Isabelle Febvre


    Nahnni Daydreaming: Kayaking the South Nahanni River

    Avery Kernan, John Nestler


    In the Steps of Alexander Mackenzie: Backpacking the Great Bear Rainforest

    Luke Paulson, Sarah Hamilton, Ben Feldman


    Pushing Our Boundaries: Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

    Leo Turpan, Isaac Rubinstein 


    Glaciers and Granite: Ski Mountaineering in the Beartooths

    Will Cohn, Fischer Hazen, Andrew DesLauriers


    Thoreau and Thru Hiking: Backpacking the Colorado Trail

    Lindsey Deringer, Austin Martin, Genevieve Buzan



    Yakin' the Yukon: The Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers

    Zane Randell, Sam Sieniger, John Nestler


    Mystery Mountain: Climbing in the Waddington RangeJD

    Merritt, Brett Baekey, Hanson Smith, Zach Keskinen


    Northern Exposure: Backpacking in the South Chilcotin Mtns, BC

    Julia Kelly, Sally Shatford, Veronica Spann, Emma Marshall 


    Surf and Turf: Sea Kayaking and Climbing in Newfoundland

    Jack Rodat, John Nestler, Niels Davis


    Lotus Flower Power: Climbing in the Cirque of the Unclimbables

    Hannah Trim, Mareya Becker, Lauren Hebert


    From East to West - Utah's High Uintahs

    Nick Pinto, Jack Dimmit, Drew Huemmler, Mike Stevens



    Wind River Ladies: Climbing in the Cirque of the Towers

    Mareya Becker, Hannah Trim, Erin Bostic, Lauren Hebert, Skye Greenler


    Spatsizi Wilderness: Exploring the Sacred Headwaters

    Roz Brokaw, Grace Brofman, Mel Yemma


    The Flashin' Aspens: Thru-Hiking the Colorado Trail

    Audrey Burns, Anneliese Rice, Lindsey Pointer


    Exploring the Lesser-Known Boundary Waters: Canoeing the Rio Grande

    Ben Varick, Mike Curran, David Swift, Matt Liston


    Only a Northern Song: Climbing in the Arrigetch Peaks

    Niels Davis, Julian Kraus-Polk, Jack Rodat, Hanson Smith


    The Wonderland Trail: Backpacking around Mt. Rainier

    Kiko Sweeney, Megan Masuret, Sophie Ohaus, Kati Voeller


    A Search For Solidute: Backpacking In the Escalante

    Nick Pinto, Fletcher Keeley, Chandler Hartnett



    Wild Women in Wild Wyoming: Backpacking to Bridger Lake

    Meredith Bird, Haley Leslie-Bole, Lucy Gamble, and Fiona Haslett


    Pilgrimage to the Range of Light: A Saunter in the Sierra

    Lee Farese, Dan Lewis


    A Mismatch Batch in the Kachemak

    Karen Ritland, Daniel Boyes


    Following in John Muir’s Footsteps

    Kate Leaf, Leah Danze


    Bug’n Out in the Bugaboos

    Chris Dickson, David Fay, Leland Krych, John Collis


    Jumpin' Jasper: Backpacking the North Boundary Trail

    Sean Buck, Elizabeth Schoder


    Rocky Mountain Field Institute: Environmental Service & Canyoneering Adventure Program – Blue Gramma Wall, Canyonlands, UT
    RMFI staff and 8 Colorado College participants,in collaboration with the Ahlberg Adventure Fund:Caley Gallison (group leader), Fiona Haslett (group leader), Roy Dornbrook, Colin McCarey, Alexander Robertson, Elena Biagioni, Hillie Teller, and Jacob Sullivan.



    Caressing the Void Part Deux: A Trip Through the Battle Group of the Selkirk Mountains

    Rob Bishop, Garret Lund, Jack Fields, and Sam Pfeifer


    More Than a Walk in the Park: Hiking Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    Nikhil Ranadive, Max Stein, Lindsay Chan, and Alex Gould


    Adamant About the Adamants: Alpine Rock Climbing in the Adamants and Gothics Range

    Drew Thayer, Daniel Rothberg, and Erik Rieger


    Call to the Mountains: Alpine Climbing in the Northern Selkirks

    Ian Heyse, Jack Fields, and Peter Kernan


    Into the Arrigetch

    Susanna McMillan, Erica Wineland-Thomson, Sally Hardin, Karen Ritland, and Katherine Rice


    Packing in the Gallatin: Sawbuck Saddles and Hardy Horsewomen

    McKenzie Woolley, Claire McKeever, Lucille Holtsnider, and Lauren Foster


    The Ontario Trio: Paddling the Otoskwin and Attawapiskat Rivers

    Martha Brummitt, Annie Graeter, and Anna Johnson


    Rocky Mountain Field Institute: Environmental Service and Canyoneering Adventure Program – Indian Creek, Canyonlands, UT
    RMFI staff and 8 Colorado College participants, in collaboration with the Ahlberg Adventure Fund:Annie Graeter (Trip Leader), Alexis Johnson (Trip Leader), Allison Stewart, Thomas Mannion, Alexander Trowbridge, Kate Merges, Maleeka Marsden, Karen Ritland



    Gettin’ After the Arrigetch
    Kate Aitchison, Anna Perks, Chelsea Denlow


    Climbing Classic Routes in the Bugaboos
    Hale Melnick, Erik Rieger


    Getting the Goat – The Spatsizi Wilderness by Foot
    Seth Brayton, Nick Chambers, Trevor Cobb, John Gioia, Ken Voeller


    Journey through the Islands at the Edge of the World: Sea Kayaking the Haida Gwaii
    Tara Davis, Lauren Sinnott, Fiona Smith


    Two Gals and The Bob: An Epic “Farewell-For-Now” to the Rocky Mountain West
    Claire Skrivanos, Rachel Weitzenkorn


    Good ‘Ol Green
    Zak Podmore, Elliot Goldman


    Gone through Oregon: Lightweight Backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail
    Jack Siddoway, Max Stein


    Chuggin’ in the Chugach: Four Women Trek to Discover the Wild
    Eleanor Anderson, Sarah Delaney, Beth Kochevar, and Simone Phillips


    Canadian Voyageurs: Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon River
    Martha Brummitt, Alex Gould, Annie Graeter, Nikhil Ranadive, & Katie Rice


    Endless Summer: The Search for the Perfect Granite
    Drew Thayer and Daniel Rothberg


    Caressing the Void
    Garret Lund, Josh Anderson, Rob Bishop, Sam Pfeifer


    Angling the Divide FlyFishing in the Teton Wilderness, Wyoming
    Wesley Paulson, Kyle Dern


    Mixed Mammals 2010: Desert Rats and hangdogs take on the Bugaboos

    Chris Barlow, Nathan Brand, Tim Gibson


    Rocky Mountain Field Institute: Environmental Service and Canyoneering Adventure Program - 4x4 Wall Bridger Jack Mesa, Canyonlands Utah
    RMFI staff and 12 CC students, in collaboration with the Ahlberg Adventure Fund



    The Wranglers of Hidden Valley
    Emily Capelin, Zak Randell


    The River Why?  South Nahanni River
    Emily Capelin, Zak Randell, Amanda Nichols, Zak Podmore, Will Staufer-Norris, Anya Tyson


    Wild Women in the Wild West
    Meriwether Hardie, Angela Eastman, Becky Rittenburg, Liza Mitchell


    Pushing Past the Boundaries, Discovering the Quetico
    Tyler Doane, John Knight, Claire Skrivanos, Rachel Weitzenkorn


    Canadian Chaos
    Zion Klos, Michael Waldeck


    Continental Chiropractors
    Annie Whetzel, Emily Reinsel


    Riding the Spine, Biking the Continental Divide Mexico/Canada
    David Sullivan, Julianne Kellogg


    A Maze'd and Happy: Canyon Country by Boot & Boat
    Anya Tyson, Zak Podmore, Eddie Hazera


    Magnificent 6 and the Search for the Holy Trail
    Leslie Kinson, Hunter Allen, Patrick Minot, Morgan McInvaille, Jack Tolan, Emily Havens


    Rocky Mountain Field Institute: Environmental Service and Canyoneering Adventure Program –Indian Creek, Canyonlands Utah
    RMFI staff and 11 CC students, in collaboration with the Ahlberg Adventure Fund



    Adamant About Adventure
    Sam Wilson , Stephen Ullman and Rowan Hill


    Tangled Wrangell Angle: Open Eyes on the Wild
    Aaron Browne , Jacob Reuter, Eli Horowitz and Stewart Motta


    The Alaskan Arctic: A Trek through the Tundra
    Michael Mastanduno, Dan Foldes, and Reggie Yemma


    In Search of the Golden Spruce
    Addie Schwarz, Meredith Bush, and Naomi Marshall


    Transitions, Lessons from the Mountains of Vancouver Island
    David Bowen, Turner Resor, and Leath Tonino


    Not Your Average Jog Around the Park: A running adventure in Yosemite
    Jennifer Leichliter, Allison Rowe, and Megan Zaranek


    The British Bushwhacking Brigade!
    Emily Reinsel, Emily Capelin, Adam Plourde and Dakin Henderson


    NOLS Wind River Range Mountaineering
    Peter Kernan


    To Dreams of an Albatross: Sailing and Rowing the Coast of British Columbia
    Brook Brouwer  Clara Carroll  Mike Di’Giulio, Mathew Gettleman, Kylie Manson, and Colin Stroud


    Rocky Mountain Field Institute: Environmental Service and Canyoneering Adventure Program –Battle of the Bulge, Canyonlands Utah
    RMFI staff and 4 CC students, in collaboration with the Ahlberg Adventure Fund



    Graduating in the Dark
    Jason Callegari, Scott Hutchins, and Dan Lustick



    Libby Bushell  Colin Kelly, Jake O’Brien and Molly Perlman


    Breaking the Ice Ceiling: An Expedition to Alaska’s Mount Blackburn

    Sheldon Kerr, Arica Crootof, and Carrie Sessions


    Learning to Walk Again: A Lightweight Journey Through the High Sierras
    Robert Andre and David Sullivan


    Gaia’s Home: An Olympic Voyage

    Sophia Chudacoff, Julianne Aiello, and Alexandra Titterington


    Born for the Morne

    Clara Carroll, Kylie Manson, and Naomi Marshall


    Banff National Park – Bringing the Funke into the Woods

    Shockey Funke, Nancy Calhoun, Chris Lathrop and Molly Long


    Challenge and Reflection in the Temagami Wilderness

    Jennifer LaBudde and Erica Simpson


    Rocky Mountain Field Institute:  Castelton Tower, Utah
    RMFI staff and 9 CC students from “Break Out” Program



    Chris Simons, Liza McElroy, and Catie Carter


    From 923 Weber to Mount Fairweather
    Tim Barker, Erik Wortman, and Justin Strauss


    Climbing Giants: An Expedition to the Waddington Range
    Johnny Thomson and Alexander Knecht


    Sun, Snow and Alpine Glow: Skiing California’s High Sierra
    Patrick Sullivan, Anno Davis, Ben Taylor, Aiden Doane


    Girls in the Gates
    Molly Perlman, Jane Roberts, Mary Teuscher, and Meghan Woolley


    Lotus Flower Power
    Jeremy Roop and Elena Mihaly


    Women in the Wilderness: Babes in the Bob
    Emilie Dorff, Betsy Friedlander, and Taylor Shekell


    Breasts on the West Buttress

    Libby Bushell, Nancy Calhoun, and Sheldon Kerr


    No Bugs, No Bears: A Very Un-Alaska Adventure
    Kelly Ryan, Christina von Mertens, Ashley Albright, and Blaque Reily-Orth


    Heading Home: A Journey
    Kate Dawson, Matt Gettleman, Jackie Pitts, and Colin Stroud


    Rocky Mountain Field Institute:  Canyonlands Utah
    RMFI staff and 9 CC students from “Break Out” Program



    Guillemot-ley Crew

    Tim Barker, Susan Hoff, Erik Wortman


    Tour de Gila

    Amanda Dooley, Scott Hutchins, Dan Lustick


    Scaling the High Sierras by Ski

    Jason Callegari, Ben Taylor, Johnny Thomson


    Women in the Winds
    Meaghan Daly, Julia Morton, Rebecca Schild, Anno Davis


    Alaska: Part Deux

    Joe Forrester, Joel Irby, David Hoven


    Commencement: Reconnecting on the Noatak River

    Jenine Durland, Becca Rich, Liza Springmeyer, Tess Weidner, Becca Willis


    Drivin’ Thunder

    Liza McElroy, Catie Carter, Molly Perlman, Stephen Ullman


    RMFI Indian Creek/Cat Wall Trail Building Project
    Mark Hesse, staff and 7 CC students from “Break Out” Program



    High Altitude Trashmen
    Micah Dolcort-Silver, Joe Forrester, Dave Hoven, Joel Irby


    Bush-planes and Paddles and Bears, Katmai
    Tim Barker, Dan Goodnow, Julie Megler, Laurel Schoenbohm, Erik Wortman


    The Moisie River Voyagers
    Dane Stevens, Reed Ryan, Jon Souter, Peter Anderson


    The Tooth Trek
    Anno Davis, Amamda Strauss, Melissa Morris


    Kate and Madaleine’s Excellent Adventure in the North Cascades
    Kate Davenport, Madaleine Sorkin


    The Long Trail
    Matt Lee, McKinley Childress


    Ridge Traverses and Summits of the High Sierra: The Sequel
    Chris Benoit, Mona Johnston, Meaghan Daly


    Eastern Vagabonds: Exploring the Appalachian Trail
    Julia Morton


    Feeling Heavenly in Olympic National Park
    Sterling Roop, Daniel Max Christiansen, William McBride


    ORCA 2 Whitewater Course at Paddlefoot
    Ryan Reed


    River Rescue Course, Summit Kayak
    Dane Stevens



    Exploration of the Wind River Mountain Range
    Erin Durant


    The Naughty Nomads
    Garan Mangan-Dimuzio, McKinley Childress, John “Brooks” Mason


    Paddling Manitoba’s Pigeon River
    Max Stevens, Jesse Porter-Henry, Colin Moffat, David Shively


    The Slickrock Odyssey
    Ryan McKeon, Anderson Shepard


    Pacific Crest Trail: From Onyx to Echo Lake
    Bailey Nelson, Katie Guffin


    An Adventure in Mount Edziza Provincial Park, Canada
    Dave Chalmer, Michael Goldstone, Jared Pruch, Doug Vilsack


    RMFI Indian Creek/Bridger Jack Trail Building Project
    Mark Hesse, staff and 12 CC students from “Break Out” Program


    NOLS Outdoor Educator’s Mountain Course, Washington
    Dave Fowler


    NOLS Instructor’s Mountain Course, Wyoming
    Chessie Thacher


    Learning Glacier Travel with AMG, Alaska
    Zach Paquette, Lisa Van Sciver


    AMGA Rock Climbing Guides Course
    Hamish Gowans



    NOLS River Instructor’s Course
    Patrick Kearney


    NOLS Baja Sea Kayaking Expedition
    Elizabeth A. Kemp


    Silverton Avalanche Course Level 1
    Michiel Zuidweg


    ANWR: A Quest for Preservation
    Phoebe Garfinkel, Frankee Grove, Dana Larkin, Laurel Schoenbohm


    Climbing the Unclimbables
    Daniel Strauss, Evan Horn


    Ridge Traverses and Summits of the Sierra
    Chris Benoit, Mona Johnston


    The Wrangellers – Wrangell-St. Elias Pack-Raftng
    Dan Dryden, Dave Fowler, Sam Newbury, Ben Wurzel



    Dreaming of Denali – A Mountaineering Adventure
    Katy Robin Garton and Rachel Garton


    Glacier Bay Sea Odyssey
    Mike Gerbec, Andrew Kundtz


    Lake Superior to Lake Winnipeg
    Seth Cowdery, Karl Thompson


    Missinaibi River Expedition
    Hadley Clark, Bonnie Keeler, Tracy Shapiro, Justin West


    Olympic Hopefuls Going for Gold
    Hamish Gowans, Susan Meredith, John Sasser


    Pacific Crest Trail, 2600 Miles Mexico to Canada
    Peter Mattox


    The Pika Proposal
    Brian Donovan, Ben Lamm, Brian Sohn



    Pack-rafting the Brooks Range
    Brook Birchard, Dan Dryden, Sam Newbury, Thor Tingey, Philip Wiedner


    Firth River Expedition
    Andy Tankersley


    Payasten Packers
    Clara Savage, Ellie Martin, Molly Higginbottom


    Restoring Hiking Trails
    Robin Bay


    Sawtooth Summer
    Chessie Thacher, Emily Stifler, Julia Niles, Laura Ogden


    The Juneau Ice Field
    Katy-Robin Garton, Rachel Garton, Anna Jansen, Molly Loomis


    AMS Mountaineering Course
    Susan Meredith



    The Wind Rivers
    Brian Donovan, Mike Gerbec, Ben Lamm, Brian Sohn


    The Lotus Flower Tower & the Nahanni River
    Nathan Welton


    Northwest Territories Canoe Expedition
    Andrea Wedul


    Death Valley/High Sierra Bicycle Alpine Rock Expedition
    Nick Robbins, Joe Gartner


    “Little Switzerland”
    Melis Coady, Shannon Anderson, Molly Loomis, Rachel Garton


    Through the Avenue of Volcanoes
    Zach Brandau, Mike Toomey, Aaron Reiter


    Henery Eichman, Tyler Mintkeski, John Novembre, Andrew Usher


    Ruth Gorge Climbing Expedition
    Louis Sass, Andrew Larson


    The Yukon Song
    Jack Sasser, Nicole Garst, Andrew Hersh, Sepp Jannotta



    The Cirque of the Towers
    Monica Breed, Chris Carithers


    Pack-rafting the Alaska Range
    Thor Tingey, Philip Weidner, Brook Buchard, Kai Ferrara, Sam Newbury


    Yukon Biking Wilderness
    Tina Brachle, Joanna Lemly, Emily Harrington


    The Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon & Washington
    Brian Reif


    Circumnavigation of Iceland by Bike
    Chad Brocker, Gianmarco Cilli, Adam Lampton, Eric Saline


    Backpacking in the Cordillera Blanca & the Cordillera Huayhuash
    Rima Givot, Molly Ogilby


    Advanced Mountaineering – AMS
    Melis Coady



    Southwest Desert Expedition
    Kristin Jaeger, Amy Thomas


    Alaska Sea Kayaking Trip
    Emily Brendler, Rima Givot, Cheyenne Jones, Molly Ogilby, Nicole Klimt


    Cordillera Huayhuash Range in Peru
    Sarah Beaubien, Caroline Seaman


    The Appalachian Trail
    Kari Brunner


    Alpine Mountaineering Course
    David Johnson


    Mexico’s Copper Canyon and Beyond
    Keri Tessler, Brian Abbott


    Northwest Adventure
    Andrew Wexler


    Survival Living in the Southern Appalachians
    Robert Lamb


    Sea Kayaking the Inside Passage
    Ethan Abbott, Simon Keilty, Andrew Kundtz


    Summit Mount Fairweather
    John Piedrahita, Jason Hall, Nik Bertuli



    Exploration of the Swlawik River Territory
    Koben Christianson


    Washington State’s Cascade Mt. Range
    Singell Agnew, Lisa Vetterlein, Amy Cusic


    Kayaking on the Tsarap/Zanskar/Indue Rivers
    Culley Thomas, Jacob Perlitz, Toby Minear


    Alaska Range Expedition on Foraker’s Sultana Ridge
    Kishen Mangat David Barnett


    Trek Through the Eastern Cordillera of Ecuador
    Jennifer Simon, Peter McDowell


    Maine Island Trail in Sea Kayaks
    Andrew Shoff, Michael Feuer


    Mountaineering Trip to Coastal British Columbia
    Louis Sass, Ian Kipp, David Johnson



    Tripyramid Ridge in the Alaska Range
    Turner Grant, David Barmett, Kate Stevenson


    Devil’s Thumb, Yukon Territory
    Kishen Mangat, Joshua Howell, William Parsons


    Expeditionary Canuck Expedition
    Sarah Rice


    Bugaboos, B.C.
    Andrew Wexler, Cy Keener