Pathways Grants

The Pathways Grant aims to provide financial assistance for CC students to plan, propose, and execute 6-day or longer trips to practice and develop their outdoor skills, build their confidence in an expeditionary setting, while preparing them to plan and propose future extended outdoor experiences like a Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund Expedition.

These trips are limited to the contiguous US, and can occur throughout the year. Pathways Trips can but do not have to enter remote wilderness areas, and individuals must carry their own weight in a backpack, in a boat, on a bike, in haul bags, or other form of self-supported travel.

Students can receive up to $500 each for their Pathways trip. Applications are open on Summit throughout the year are are due approximately 1 month before the team plans on entering the field, specifically:

  • Summer trips: applications are due by 4th Monday of 7th Block.
  • Fall break trips: applications are due by 4th Monday of 2nd Block.
  • Winter break trips: applications are due by 4th Monday of 3rd Block.
  • Spring break trips: applications are due by 4th Monday of 5th Block.
  • Trips occurring outside of these times: applications are due 1 month before the trip begins.

 If you have additional questions about this grant, want more information, or want to run a trip idea by someone, email Kate Macklin, the Outdoor Ed and Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund coordinator, at

For application-writing guidance, check out the Proposal Writing Tips webpage.

Trip Requirements and Considerations

  • Trips must be outdoor-based and span at least 6 consecutive days in the field (not including travel days).
  • Trips must take place in the contiguous United States.
  • Trip location can vary: some trips will enter remote wilderness areas, and some will stick to established routes. Car camping trips will not be funded.
  • Pathways teams must be made up of at least two currently enrolled CC students.
  • Funding will not be awarded for equipment purchases, unreasonable travel expenses, or undesignated funds.
  • Recreational drugs and alcohol are forbidden on Pathways trips.
  • Once the proposal has been approved there can be no changes made to the trip (i.e. dates, location, activities, itinerary, team members, etc.).

Applicant Requirements and Considerations

  • All applicants must be currently enrolled at Colorado College.
  • Applicants must have demonstrable relevant experience in the proposed activities and the proposed location.
  • At least two team members must be Wilderness First Responder certified. All other team members must be CPR/First Aid certified at a minimum.
  • Applicants must be able to discuss their reasoning for applying for a Pathways Grant rather than an Expedition Grant and how their proposed experience may prepare them for a future Expedition Grant.

Previously Funded Pathways Grants

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