NSO Priddy Leader Hiring Information

New Student Orientation is an integral part of welcoming new students to campus and introducing them to their new home and making them feel welcome while upholding the integrity, mission, and values of the Colorado College Department of Outdoor Education and Priddy Experience. If you know you want to be an NSO Priddy Leader for fall 2023, you can read on or apply at the links below!

This website was created as an overview of the NSO Priddy Leader Position. Please see the job description to read all of the expectations and requirements for being a leader. 

Apply to be an NSO Priddy Leader:


Goals of the NSO and the Priddy Experience:

  1. Students will have a shared knowledge of Colorado College culture and develop a sense of belonging and connection to Colorado College.
  2. Students will learn the value of community service and the importance of community engagement throughout their time at CC and beyond.
  3. Students will be better prepared for life at Colorado College by learning about academic and student life support services and CC expectations.
  4. Students will begin to develop their leadership skills through experiential learning opportunities.
  5. Create a welcoming and inclusive environment and community.

Arctic Fritillary group - WSO 2023


What is an NSO Priddy Leader?

NSO Priddy Leaders are essential in making NSO successful. Incoming students are put together in groups of 8-10, and each “Priddy Group” has 2-3 NSO Priddy Leader who help guide the group throughout the week of NSO in events and evening discussions.


What are evening discussions?

During NSO, leaders will lead evening discussions to help new students become acquainted with Colorado College and all that it has to offer. Evening discussions are a place for new students to ask questions and have conversations about topics that include Academic Life at CC, Social Life at CC, and Planning Ahead and Goal setting among many more. Leaders are encouraged to share their own experiences during evening discussions and to answer questions in a way that best benefits and prepares students.


Do I have to be an Outdoor Education certified Trip Leader to lead?

This year we have created a new curriculum specifically for NSO Priddy Leaders and we will holding two virtual trainings over the summer for leaders who ARE NOT already Outdoor Education Trip Leader certified. If you are a certified Trip Leader already, you do not need to take the NSO Priddy Leader specific training.


I am an RA. Can I lead?

Yes, you can! We are working closely with the Office of Housing and Residential Experience to ensure that trainings and required sessions do not overlap for RAs and NSO Priddy Leader roles. 


Important details:

  • NSO Priddy Leaders must be back on campus by Thursday, August 17th as that is when training for all leaders will begin in the morning, and the position ends Saturday, August 26th.
  • To be hired, NSO Priddy Leaders must be able to work the entire duration of the contract (August 17th-26th).
  • Pay is $13.65 an hour, with the expected total hourly pay for the duration of NSO being $650-850.


Have any questions? Please reach out!

Rachael Abler


Associate Director of Outdoor Education



Koray Gates


Lead Priddy Intern


(575) 779-8344

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