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    Priddy Experience Directory

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    NSO Interns


    Pictured left to right: David Crye Associate Director, Lucy McMath ('20), Martrice(Louie) Ellis('21), Patricia Pi ('21), Sarah Sten ('20).

    Name: Sarah Sten
    Pronouns: she/her/her’s   
    Year: Senior                                                                               
    Hometown: Bellevue, Washington
    Major: Studio Art: Integrative Design and Architecture
    Involvements: GIS Lab, Climbing Wall, Integrative Design Group, Theater Workshop, Outdoor Education Leader
    Favorite part of NSO/why we applied for this position: I transferred to CC from a large state school a year ago. Coming to CC, I was terrified that I’d made the wrong decision. My priddy trip was the perfect way to start my CC experience. My trip ended up meshing really well and still stays connected. To date, some of my closest friends I met on that trip and the transfer community has always been a group that I could go back to for support. I am excited to help plan trips for incoming students and welcome them to the CC community in a positive and engaging way and learn more about how the trips we plan can be the best experience possible for people from all different background and walks of life.
    Favorite NSO memory: Sitting on a grassy peak with a couple of other tripmates looking as we looked out into the San Juan Wilderness. The wind was blowing through the grass and we were all reflecting on transferring.
    Any advice or words of encouragement: Everyone is nervous and feels like they’re the only one that feels that way. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be open. You’ll get the most out of the experience and the people you’re with if you throw yourself into it without any reservations.

    Name: Lucy McMath
    Pronouns: she/her/hers
    Year: Senior                                                                         
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Major: Organismal Biology and Ecology
    Involvements: Synergy Sustainability House, LoCCal festival committee, Gear House
    Favorite part of NSO/why we applied for this position: I had a great experience not only as a freshman, but also getting the opportunity to lead my sophomore year, and wanted the chance to plan and shape these experiences for new incoming students. I have learned a lot from CC in the last few years and am excited to apply this knowledge to planning the next series of Priddy trips with the hope that they will cater to a wider variety of students from all different types of backgrounds.
    Favorite NSO memory: My favorite NSO memory was waking up at the A-Frame on Pikes Peak the morning after camping there the first night of my freshman Priddy trip and taking in the incredible view of Colorado Springs and the plains beyond.
    Any advice or words of encouragement: Push yourself outside your comfort zone and be vulnerable with those around you. Everyone is feeling similar emotions, connect through this shared experience.

    Name: Martrice or Louie
    Pronouns: she/her/hers
    Year:  Junior                                                                                
    Hometown: St. Louis, MO
    Major: Neuroanthropology
    Involvements: Aspen Institute Alumna, Bonner Fellow, Bemis School of Art Studio Intern, BreakOut leader, BSU, Collaborative Clay Club at CC
    Favorite part of NSO/why we applied for this position: I really love working and engaging with people and this position seemed perfect. NSO is such a large part of CC and I love current students have the chance to have such a large impact on incoming students.
    Favorite NSO memory: We were told there were bears and coyotes on the site so everyone was super cautious on the trip. So one night while at the bonfire, someone said they saw a pair of eyes in the woods. We thought it was a bear or coyote and went decided to go into our tents early. While in our tents, we saw shadows of something big outside the tent. Turns out, a bunch of horses found our campsite.
    Any advice or words of encouragement: We live in a world we think of. If you’re always expand your perspectives on life, then you’ll change your reality.  

    Name: Patricia Pi
    Pronouns: she/her/hers
    Year: Junior                                                                          
    Hometown: Edgewater, MD / Taipei, Taiwan
    Major: Integrative Design and Architecture
    Involvements: Facilities Carpentry Helper, BreakOut Leader, Adam F. Press Fitness Center Monitor, Art Dept. Gallery Monitor
    Why we applied for this position: Priddy trips are such a huge part of the student experience, I hope to create a positive impact for incoming students through this position. I have always loved doing logistics and behind the scenes work, so I am super excited to plan a lot of trips for the fall!
    Favorite NSO memory: Hiking, running, and exploring the forest area we were camping in the afternoons. Looking out at the landscape at the top of the mountain and really taking in the experience.
    Any advice or words of encouragement: Keep an open mind and embrace new experiences. Listen and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.