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    Outdoor Education Facebook
    (719) 389-6803

    Register for a trip on

    Outdoor Education Summit

    Summer Hours

    (Starting June 6th)

    Ahlberg Gear House

    MON, THURS, FRI: 1-4pm

    CLOSED: Block Break

    Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym

    TUE, THURS: 3-5pm

    CLOSED: Block Break

    Bike and Ski Co-op

    By Appointment Only


    How to Register

    san juanHOW DO I REGISTER:

    2019/2020 Academic Year Priddy Experience Registration is NOW OPEN! 

    All incoming students can register through the online portal, SUMMIT by clicking below: 

    (please note all students will have to create an account using their CC Credentials)

    To register for the Priddy Experience, please see the following instructions:


    1. Go to the CC Bound forms page
    2. About half way down the Forms page, there will be a line of text that says PRIDDY EXPERIENCE REGISTRATION-- ” FALL STARTS” (or if you are a Winter Start, “WINTER STARTS”)
    3. Click on “Fall Starts” (or “Winter Starts”). You will be redirected to the SUMMIT page and it will walk you through the registration.
    4. In order to register on SUMMIT, you will be using your Colorado College username which will be in the form of firstinitial(s)_lastname (f_lastname). If you have a last name that includes hypens, spaces, or any other modification, DO NOT include those in your email.
    5. This registration will take approximately 20 minutes. It is very important that you fill out all information in the registration form (including your medical history and dietary needs!). Make sure to click “Complete and Submit” when you are finished.

    If you have any questions, email