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    Outdoor Education Facebook
    (719) 389-6803

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    Outdoor Education Summit

    Academic Year Hours

    Ahlberg Gear House

    MON-THURS: 2-6pm
    FRI: 12:30-2:30pm

    CLOSED: Block Break

    Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym

    MON-WEDS: 4-10pm
    THURS: 4-9pm

    SUN: 6-9pm

    Bike and Ski Co-op

    MON-THURS: 3-5pm

    CLOSED: Block Break

    About Us

    What we do

    Since Colorado College was founded in 1874, outdoor recreation and education have been an integral part of the College’s identity. With the distinguishing combination of the Block Plan paired with the physical location of CC, students are given the opportunity to take their educational experience and their love for the outdoors to new levels. As student populations diversify the traditional definitions and identities of Colorado College’s rich outdoor history continually evolve, creating new and significant outdoor experiences for everyone.

    Today, the Outdoor Education Department at Colorado College runs more trips than most other programs in the nation. Starting with the Priddy Experience, which takes over 500 incoming students, outside on a service based trip to help them become acquainted with the culture of CC and introduce them to the environment of the Southwest before classes begins. Outdoor Education hold over three dozen workshops and trainings, ranging from Climbing Safety to Whitewater Rescue to Outdoor Leadership Trainings. Finally, Outdoor Education provides opportunities for students of all backgrounds to get outside during the school year. Student led day hikes, weekend and block break camping trips, and extended break backpacking trips all combine to form the backbone of our program.

    Our Facilities

    Join Outdoor Education at one of our Facilities!

    The Ahlberg Gear House is the hub for outdoor equipment rentals. The Gear House offers discounted rentals for all the gear students need to get outside. It also offers free rentals on necessities like clothing and hiking boots

    The Bike and Ski COOP is the center for bike on ski repair for the campus community. Students can bring in bikes and learn how to repair them from our qualified staff. Students can also bring in their skis and use the COOP's tools and wax to tune them. 

    The Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym is CC's on campus climbing wall. At just under 30 feet, with tons of top rope routes and bouldering problems, the gym provides a space for experts to fine tune their skills and beginners to get started climbing! The gym also offers Morning Climbs, Women's Identifying Only Climbing, and clinics to teach you everything you need to know 


    Ryan Hammes
    Director of Outdoor Education
    (719) 227-8131

    David Crye
    Associate Director of Outdoor Education
    (719) 389-6943

    Ryan Hammes, Director David Crye

    Rachael Abler
    Assistant Director of Outdoor Education
    (719) 389-6803 

    Andrew Allison-Godfrey
    Outdoor Education & Ritt Kellogg 
    Memorial Fund Coordinator
    (719) 389-6803
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