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2023-2024 Pridy Interns

Priddy Intern Bio - Alondra and Kayla 

Name: Alondra Valdez

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Major(s) / Minor(s): Environmental Studies and Southwest Studies Double Major

How we get involved at CC: The Sounds of Colorado College Event Manager, Outdoor Education Trip Leader, CCSGA ADEI Lead, Priddy Leader and Priddy Intern.

Fun fact: I love film photography and developing my own film!

Favorite Block at CC: During Blocks 7 & 8 I studied intermediate Italian in 4 different regions of Italy!

What I’m Most Excited For During NSO/WSO: I am excited to meet new students and help them transition into our CC community and the greater Colorado Springs community.

Words of Advice for Incoming Students: Step out of your comfort zone and let yourself explore all the things that the college has to offer! There are so many amazing classes, clubs, and activities to do that can lead you to amazing opportunities. 

Name: Kayla Shelley

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Nyack, New York

Major(s) / Minor(s): Environmental Studies Major, Spanish/Human Biology and Kinesiology Minor

How we get involved at CC: Injustice Watch Club, Intramural Volleyball/Football, SOCC Radio, Zenith Ultimate, Nordic Ski, Clay Club and Priddy Intern.

Fun fact: I lived in the snow for two weeks.

Favorite Block at CC: My favorite block at CC was Environmental Law and Policy with Mike Angstadt. We went on cool field trips around the Springs, learned a ton about law, and read the Lorax on the last day of class!

What I’m Most Excited For During NSO/WSO: I am super excited to meet and connect with new CC students! I also cannot wait to work alongside my super cool co-intern Alondra and help all the events run smoothly.

Words of Advice for Incoming Students: I would say do not stress too much in the beginning of school: Try out a lot of different clubs, classes and study spots. Explore the downtown area and super cool local wilderness! Everything will fall into place as time goes on; you don't need to have it all sorted out by day one.

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