Gilmore Stabler Cabin

Located near Divide, Colorado, the cabin enhances the academic, leisure, and residential programs of the campus. The primary use of the cabin is intended for classes, student organizations, leadership retreats, athletic teams, college offices, and departments. While it provides a retreat that is hopefully relaxing and fun, it is not intended to be a "party" location.

The entire college community is responsible for the preservation of the 40 acres of mountain property and the cabin. It is asked that all that enjoy the beauty of the setting while protecting the environment so that future generations attending CC May enjoy the area in its natural state.

Capacity and Sleeping Arrangements

Total sleep capacity of 30; 6 bunk beds allowing 12 individuals to sleep upstairs, 6 individual beds downstairs, and 12 sleeping pads that can be spread throughout the cabin.



In order to support the mission of the college, official college related reservations are given priority over personal reservations for faculty and staff. Official college related reservations will have priority to reserve cabin spaces according to the following timeline. Reservations made outside of the priority time frames will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. 

Reservations can be made on SUMMIT.

Gilmore Stabler Cabin Reservation Timeline

Fall Reservations
August 1st - January 31st

Spring Reservations
February 1st - July 31st

CC Academic Classes 

CC Non-Academic Groups 

CC Faculty/Staff Personal 

Opens June 1st

Opens June 15th

Opens August 1st

Opens November 1st

Opens November 15th

Opens January 1st

Reservation Guidelines
  •  The cabin may be reserved for a maximum of 2 nights at a time.  The Outdoor Education Department may give approval for additional use.
  • Reservations must be requested on Outdoor Education SUMMIT in advance. Reservation requests will be reviewed and approved through SUMMIT. Please allow 48-72 hours for all requests to be processed.
  • Reservation must be requested by a faculty/staff member.

Reservation Priorities

  • CC Classes and Standing Committees
    • Academic Classes and standing committees have highest priority.
    • A member of the faculty, staff, or administration must accompany classes using the cabin.  This person must pick up the cabin packet and keys and provide budget codes in case charges are incurred.
    • There is no charge to use the cabin; however, the department will be charged $50 if any of the guidelines are violated or if there is damage to the cabin. Additional fees may be charged depending on extent of damage.
  • CC Non-Academic Groups (Departments and Organizations)
    • This includes groups chartered by CCSGA  or recognized by the College, residential hall wings, leadership retreats, and athletic teams.
    • A member of the faculty, staff, or administration must accompany student organizations.  The faculty/staff person must pick up the cabin packet and keys and provide budget codes in case charges are incurred.
    • Beginning July 1, 2024 there will be a $25 a night charge to use the cabin, and the department or organization will be charged $50 if any of the guidelines are violated or if there is damage to the cabin. Additional fees may be charged depending on extent of damage.
  • CC Faculty & Staff Personal Reservations
    • Individual members of the faculty or staff may make reservations limited to once each semester.  Individuals may not have family reunions, wedding receptions, or host outside organizations of any kind. 
    • The charge is $65.00 for an overnight stay.  This must be paid in advance using a credit card on SUMMIT. Note, beginning July 1, 2024, the charge will rate will increase to $75 per night.
    • Questions regarding this policy may be directed to Outdoor Education at 719-389-6943.


All reservations must be cancelled 48 hours prior to your scheduled date to avoid a $65.00 fee.


Cabin Usage Guidelines:

 There is a strict NO SMOKING policy on cabin property.

Fire Ban Update: The CC cabin will have a fire ban from May 1st-October 1st. No fires allowed in the outdoor fire pit during this timeframe.

  • When hiking, please follow the trail or the road to the cabin that starts from the parking area.  It is well marked with paw prints and arrow markers.  This is very important so that we do not tear up the delicate flora of the cabin environment.  Flashlights are necessary if departing or arriving after dark.
  • The cabin is equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, pots, coffee pot, and cooking and eating utensils. Necessary cleaning supplies are provided.
  •  The cabin has complete plumbing including three showers, flush toilets, and hot water.  You must bring your own towels.
    • The cabin is not equipped with bedding, you must bring your own sleeping bags and pillows. There are 12 bunks with mattresses and 13 additional sleeping pads.
    • All food must be carried in.  All trash (including recyclable and cardboard boxes) must be carried out.  Please do not leave any food in the cabin or in the refrigerator because it will be consumed, not by adventurous college students, but instead by hungry mice or smelly bacteria! 
    • Each group using the cabin must leave it clean and sanitized.  Cleaning supplies are located in the kitchen broom closet.  If the cabin is not left in a clean condition, you will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.
    • Please use the wood stove wisely.  Burn only with the stove door closed or with the protective screen in place.  Use the ceiling fan to circulate the warm air that has risen to the ceiling.  Make certain stove doors are tightly closed before leaving the cabin.  Use the metal bucket on the hearth to transport ashes from the stove to the cement container that is near the stairs on the west side of the deck.  Do not throw stove ashes over the deck.
    • Open fires are strictly prohibited.  Cabin users are welcome to make fires in the stone fireplace on the west side of the cabin.  Be sure that all coals are extinguished with water and that the fireplace doors are tightly closed before leaving the premises.
    • Be sure to complete everything on the enclosed Lock-Up Checklist at the end of your stay. Guests are required to clean the cabin upon departure.
    • The telephone is for emergency use only.  The number is 719-748-8170.
  • The cabin and surrounding college property shall be considered an extension of the Colorado College campus and therefore all College rules shall apply, including the College alcohol policy.   See the Pathfinder for the complete alcohol policy. 
  • Please respect the privacy and property lines of the neighbors and remember that noise carries easily across the valley.
  • Check In is at 12:00pm on the day of the reservation. Check Out is at 12:00pm on the last day of the reservation. 


Contact Information

For more information, contact the Office of Outdoor Education at 


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