Student Guidelines and Expectations for Participation in Recruiting

Students are first expected to uphold all of the CC Student Community Standards outlined in the Pathfinder.

All students are expected to "conduct themselves consistently with the values of Colorado College, the Student Community Standards, other Colorado College policies and procedures, and all applicable laws." These shall apply  whether recruiting events take place on the Colorado College campus or at an off-campus College and/or Career Center sponsored event.


A job or internship posting in Handshake does not reflect the endorsement of the company or role by Colorado College or the Colorado College Career Center. It is the responsibility of students to perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for internships/jobs and to thoroughly research the facts and reputation of the organization to which they are applying. Students should be prudent and use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position. If you are ever concerned about the validity of an organization or a role, please reach out to us at

Please be aware that organizations and individuals may present themselves as legitimate employers as part of a scam to elicit personal information and defraud their victims. We recommend familiarizing yourself with some of the red flags to consider during your search. Please reach out to our staff if you think you have come across a fraudulent employer.

Prior to beginning your internship and/or full-time job search and engaging with employers, we strongly encourage students to meet with a career consultant. It is expected that you fully research companies, identify the internship/job opportunities of interest, and attend recruiting events to learn more about the industry, organization, and role. Our career consultants can help you prepare for this process. You can schedule an appointment to meed with a career consultants in Handshake.

Please also note that it is important (whether you are engaging with a Colorado College alumni or another representative of an organization) to be respectful and timely in your outreach and follow up with employers and give adequate time for them to respond back to you.

Interviews No Show: This policy applies to interviews when a student does not appear for a scheduled interview (either virtual or in-person) and/or when a student cancels an interview with less than 24-hour notice.

The student will be made temporarily inactive in Handshake until they send an apology email to the employer (and copy

Events No Show: Please note that when you sign up to engage with employers at Career Center events and fairs, you are expected to honor your commitment and show up to the scheduled.  If you do not show up, it wastes employers’ time, takes the opportunity away from another student, and may negatively impact the company’s future engagement and recruiting with Colorado College and other Colorado College students.

It is important to honor the appointments and commitments that you make with employers. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance (exceptions may be in the case of an emergency or illness).

Falsifying data such as your GPA, dates of graduation, major/minor, work experience, eligibility to work in the United States or other information is unethical and in violation of the Colorado College Community Standards and Conduct Procedures. If you falsify documents or misrepresent yourself to any employer, whether via our recruiting program or in your independent job search, the Career Center has the right to rescind your privileges to use our services. You may also be subject to disciplinary action by the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students, the Community Standards and Conduct Manager, or their designee.

Employers have the right to withdraw an offer or terminate your employment for misrepresentation.

Reneging refers to someone accepting a job or internship offer and then declining the offer later for another opportunity. Once you accept a job or internship offer (verbally or in writing) whether via our recruiting program or in your independent search, you are expected to withdraw completely from any other search and interview process. Reneging is inconsiderate and unprofessional and jeopardizes Colorado College’s reputation as well as your own in the employment community. Reneging may also negatively impact other students’ opportunities with that company.

When considering offers take the time you need to think about your options (gather any needed information about the company, role, etc.), thank them for the offer and communicate with the appropriate individuals about your process and other considerations, ask for an offer extension if you need additional time, and make wise decisions to which you can commit. We strongly advise you to meet with a career consultant if you are considering an offer or if you are considering reneging on an offer already accepted. You can contact us at if you have questions or you can schedule an appointment via Handshake with a career consultant. Please understand that your decision impacts Colorado College’s relationship with the organization, and your professional reputation. If we learn you have reneged on an offer, we will follow up to educate you about your decision.

We recommend that you become familiar with the recruiting guidelines and expectations for employers who are recruiting at Colorado College.

When gaining academic credit is a requirement of an internship or a student wishes to gain credit for an internship experience, they can enroll in the GS: Internship Adjunct. The internship must be a minimum of 40 hours over at least 4 weeks to be eligible for credit. Students can initiate enrollment by emailing Andrea Culp, Career Center Internship Credit Coordinator. There are a few other internship credit options within academic departments. Please check your departmental courses or major requirements to see what else might be possible.

For additional questions and assistance regarding credit for internships, please contact Andrea Culp.

Most information shared in career advising appointments remains confidential. Colorado College Career Center staff protects the privacy and security of student records as governed by FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act). FERPA protects education records but permits communication with parents and college personnel in connection with a health or safety emergency.

As mandated reporters, the Career Center staff may be required to break confidentiality in specific circumstances to protect you or identified others from harm. The exceptions to maintaining confidentiality include:

  • Compliance with the Colorado College Student Sexual Misconduct Policy (Title IX) 
  • Career Center staff determines there is a clear, imminent threat to your health and/or safety or the health and safety of others.
  • Career Center staff may be in contact with and/or may disclose information obtained through appointments with other college personnel who have a legitimate "need to know." or educational interest.

Please contact the Career Center with questions regarding this policy.

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