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We help students connect their liberal arts experiences to their professional journeys. We empower them to explore the possibilities, develop their professional identities, and connect with opportunities.

Peer Support Interns


Adam Overman ’25

(pronouns: he/his)

Major: Undeclared
Campus Involvement:
Favorite Block:
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a martial arts instructor or comic illustrator
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Annette headshot

Annette Leyva '24

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Political Science
Campus Involvement: SOMOS, Mind Body Soul, Bridge Scholar, Guitar lessons
Favorite Block: Secrecy, Surveillance & Democracy
As a kid, I wanted to be a paleontologist, for some reason as a 3rd grader I knew exactly what a paleontologist was and wanted to be one.
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David picture

Davidson Cheng '23

(pronouns: he/his)

Major: Computer Science
Campus Involvement: Society for Industry and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Favorite Block: German Culture History (my FYE)
As a kid, I wanted to be a scientist.
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Grace Dereemer '23

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Political Science/Economics
Campus Involvement: Women's Tennis Team, The Catalyst, Music Dept.
Favorite Block: Secrecy, Surveillance & Democracy
As a kid, I wanted to be famous.
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Jessica Aggrey ’25

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Undeclared, Pre-Med Route
Campus Involvement: BSU, Bridge Scholars, First Gen
Favorite Block:
When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist
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Madison Sutter ’25

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Biochemistry
Campus Involvement:
Favorite Block:
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina
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Megan Krussman ’25

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Undeclared
Campus Involvement: Club Soccer Team and CC Learning Initiative in the Mountains (CCLIM)
Favorite Block:
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian
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Communications Interns

Imani Allen

Imani Allen '23

Major: Romance Languages
Minor: Japanese
Campus Involvement: Dance Workshop, SOCC, CC Orchestra, Sakura Festival, JASSC Volunteer
Favorite Block: Japanese Language & Culture FYE
As a kid, I wanted to be a vet because I liked turtles.
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Kenza Zakarya '24

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Undecided
Campus Involvement: CCSJP, MOSAIC, MSA, CEL, CC Mobile Arts
Favorite Block: Basic filmmakingW
When I was a kid, I wanted to travel the world.

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Maggi picture

Maggie Goins '23

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Film and Media; Journalism minor
Campus Involvement: COVID put a little bit of a wrench in my plans but I have taken a few dance adjuncts and hope to become more involved there. 
Favorite Block: Media and Psychoanalysis 
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a dencer. 
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Nova Picture

Nova Yu '24

(pronouns: she/hers)

Major: Undecided (However, most likely an Economics major)
Campus Involvement: Delta Mu (VP of Social Justice), CCSGA (Inclusion Committee)
Favorite Block: FM200/PS203 Film, Politics, Affect
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian, despite rarely having pets growing up.
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Tyler Chang '24

(pronouns: he/his)

Major: Computer Science
Campus Involvement: Tiger Jazz Ensemble, Coding Club, Club Frisbee
Favorite Block: Number Theory
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a paleontologist.
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Professional Staff


Megan Nicklaus 

(pronouns: she/hers)

Career Center Director

Megan joined the Career Center as the Director in 2013. Megan holds a Bachelor's in Biology from the University of Dayton and a Master's in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She feels fortunate to work with such a wonderful team and with a College Community, where faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and even students are committed to helping students prepare and connect to meaningful work. When Megan was growing up she wanted to be a doctor and went all the way through college pursuing that goal, until she volunteered at a local hospital and realized the sight of blood makes her faint.

Brett headshot for CC website

Brett Woodard

(pronouns: he/his)

Director, Career Readiness

A Pennsylvania native, Brett earned a Bachelor's in Journalism and a Master's in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining CC, he was the Associate Director for Experiential Learning and Entrepreneurship at The College of Wooster, where he collaborated with faculty, alumni, and corporate and community partners to help students bridge liberal arts and the professional world through team-based consulting projects and internships. He has worked extensively in Career Development, spanning roles at Appalachian State University, UNC-Greensboro, Elon University and Saint Joseph's University. An avid photographer, Brett regularly has camera gear in tow, whether on campus or a mountain top, and also enjoys graphic design, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. When Brett was growing up, he wanted to be a newscaster, filmmaker, or children's book author and illustrator.


Heather Kelley

(pronouns: she/hers)

Assistant Director of Employer Relations

Heather joined the Career Center in the fall of 2020. A Colorado native, she earned her degree in Human Development & Family Studies from Colorado State University. Heather is excited to share her business acumen across various industries and leadership experience while connecting businesses, students, alumni and communities for opportunities for excellence from education to career. She delights in working with students and assisting them in reaching their potential and assimilating their education with their respective career paths. When not working, she does all things mountainy…skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, etc., but her number one passion is reading. When she was in 8th grade, Heather wanted to be an interior designer. She knows this because her teacher, Mr. Svendsen, had them write it down in 8th grade and mailed it to them when they graduated college.

Andrea Culp

Andrea Culp

(pronouns: she/hers)

Director, Public Interest Fellowship Program

Andrea joined the Career Center in 1997. Andrea has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master's degree in Community Counseling from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The Career Center has changed a great deal over the years, and she has had the pleasure of growing, adapting, and continually challenging herself through several different roles within the office. Andrea wanted to be a child psychologist when she was a kid. 

Lisa Schwartz, Student Opportunities Manager

Lisa Schwartz '03, MAT '04 

(pronouns: she/hers)

Student Opportunities Manager

Lisa joined the Career Center in 2022, but has been working in this role at the college since 2017. She is a proud Colorado College alumna having received a Bachelors of Arts in History in 2003 and Masters of Arts in Teaching for Secondary Social Studies in 2004. Before returning to CC, her professional background in higher education includes various roles in student support, advising, and teacher education at Colorado State University-Pueblo and Pikes Peak Community College. Lisa enjoys aquariums, cats, comic books, and spending time with her family. As a child, she wanted to be a lawyer.



Briana (Bri) Walls

(pronouns: she/hers)

Career Consultant

Bri joined the Career Center in 2020. She has a BS degree in Business from Edgewood College and a MA in Leadership with an emphasis in Student Affairs in Higher Education from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Prior to coming to Colorado College, Bri has worked in diverse fields such as Entertainment, Healthcare, and Recruitment. She is inspired by helping students find their why and solidify their identity while on their educational journey. When not at CC, Bri enjoys traveling, hosting game nights, and going down a rabbit hole on Twitter. As a kid Bri wanted to be an archeologist by day, like Indiana Jones, and work for the embassy as a spy by night, you know… like James Bond. However, after MANY attempts of procuring artifacts and being a sleuth resulted in her getting in trouble, that dream became short-lived.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 12.10.53 PM

Natalie Cepeda

(pronouns: she/hers)

Office Manager

Natalie joined the Career Center in January 2020. Prior to coming to Colorado College, she was the Student Life Coordinator at Columbia College Chicago where she was responsible for planning campus events and collaborating with other departments such as Commencement, Convocation, and New Student Orientation. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and painting. As a child, Natalie really liked fast cars, so she wanted to be a race car driver. This didn't go over well with her parents.

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