An interview enables an employer to evaluate a candidate's personality, qualifications, non-verbal communication, punctuality, and general appearance. An interview also enables an employer to ask specific questions and observe a candidate's responses in a high-stress situation. You not only need to show the employer that you know about the job and the organization, but that you are someone they want to work with and that you will represent the company well.

You must take the time to prepare in advance for each interview to increase the likelihood of receiving an offer. Check out the resources on this page to ace your interview!

Big Interview Practice Tool

Colorado College Career Center is pleased to provide Big Interviewan online training system that combines expert training, and AI-based video practice (available 24/7) to prepare you for traditional and virtual interviews for all experience levels, dozens of industries, and graduate school admissions. 

Features of the platform include:

  • A database of thousands of interview questions with tips on how to answer them. 
  • The ability to rate and share your recorded interview answers for feedback.
  • A comprehensive video training curriculum covering all aspects of landing a job, negotiating a job offer and salary, and transitioning successfully to the workplace.
  • A step-by-step interview “Answer Builder” for crafting answers to behavioral questions.
  • and more.

Visit Big Interview today to improve interview techniques, build confidence, and learn how to get inside the head of any interviewer and prove that you are their best candidate. 

Need more support? Schedule a mock interview with the Career Center. Be sure to share the practice you have done in Big Interview so they will know how best to structure your time together.


Interview Guide

Check out the interview guide for an overview of interviewing and tips for preparing.

Dress for Success

Review some general suggestions for how to dress and present your best self at your interview.

STARR Method for Behavioral Questions

The STARR method is the best way to answer interview questions. Check out this handout to learn about this tried and true formula for "tell me about a time" questions.

Legal Aspects of Interview Questions

Colorado College's Human Resources Office created the Legal Aspects of Interview Questions Guide to help you know what questions are illegal to be asked in an interview and what to do if you are asked them.

Tips for Different Industries

Each industry may have different expectations. The tips below give some examples of how to anticipate different types of interviews. Be sure to do your own research about what is expected of each industry. 

Need help preparing? Schedule a mock interview with a Career Consultant! 

  • Interviews in the performing arts may expect you to bring printed headshots, your performance resume, and a CD or music file if you are preparing a solo. Read the audition details carefully before arriving. 
  • TV, film, or broadcasting will require a demo reel as part of your materials. If you haven’t submitted one already in the application process, be sure to be prepared with a digital file or CD at the interview.
  • Visual art and graphic design roles will have asked for a portfolio. Be prepared to talk about your portfolio of work at your interview.
  • Within the government, you likely won’t have an interview invitation for at least 30 days after you apply. Sometimes you won’t hear for several months before being offered an interview. Many government interviews are panel style. Check out more tips and suggestions on Go Government’s website about interviewing in the federal government.
  • Some government roles will require aptitude or skills testing to ensure you already possess a body of learned information prior to being hired. They can be required for jobs requiring specialized or technical knowledge that can only be acquired over an extended period of time. The Office of Personnel Management has information for employers about assessing candidates that may be helpful as you prepare.
  • Technical roles in the technology field often require a coding interview to demonstrate your abilities live. This can occur as an assignment that candidates have a timeframe to complete (for example, having 24 hours to complete a task and returning your finished product to the employer) or as a live exercise where candidates walk through a technical problem with an interviewer.

Specific Industry Resources

Consulting Case Interviewing

Check out the case interviewing guide for tips on preparing for a consulting case interview.

Investment Banking

If you are interested in the field of investment banking, check out the Investment Banking interview guide.


If you are interested in the technology industry, check out this technology interview guide written by CC alum, Omer Baror ’06.
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