The Application Process

Creating an Action Plan

Are you approaching your senior year? It’s time to think about what’s next after CC. We know it can feel daunting to even begin thinking about life after college, that’s why we created an example action plan to get started on the job-seeking process. Taking things one step at a time can make this process feel more manageable, especially when you start this process early! Please explore the graphic below to see recommendations and steps to take. Know you aren’t alone in this process because the Career Center is here for you! Consider scheduling an appointment today.

Image titled "action plan for getting a job" outlining steps on a road. Steps include researching companies of interest, updating your LinkedIn, finding jobs, cover letter and resume preparation, interview preparation, and evaluation of a job offer. To the side of the image: Note that many of these steps will overlap, and be sure to start early!

Resources for the Application Process

So you have an action plan, next is to work on those materials and learn more about the entirety of the process. Your resume, cover letter, and other application documents are almost always the employer's first impression of you and targeting them to each opportunity is key to landing an interview. Below are also resources for the entire process of landing an opportunity - including graduate school.

Check out the pages below to navigate the application process!


Check out the resume page to get started crafting your best resume. You'll find the resume guide, CV guide, a resume template, and examples.

Cover Letters

Check out the cover letter page to learn more about writing cover letters. You will find the cover letter guide and a variety of examples to help you get started.


Learn more about interviewing even if you don't have an interview scheduled. It is important to prepare early and the Career Center can support you every step of the way.

Graduate School

If you are interested in learning more about graduate school, check out the graduate school page to learn more about applying and other considerations.

Final Steps

Questions about how to follow up after your interview or accept a job offer? Check out the final steps page to learn more about evaluating offers and closing the deal.
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