GS199: Internship Adjunct

How do I get credit for an internship?

If your internship requires you to receive credit, you need to fulfill that last ¼ unit, or you just want your internship to be identified on your transcript, the General Studies 199: Internship Adjunct might be just for you.

The GS199: Internship Adjunct provides students with a significant learning experience outside the classroom setting, usually being placed with a company, non-profit or community-based organization. The internship represents an educational strategy that links classroom learning with the application of knowledge in an applied work setting. Students participate in an internship for at least four weeks and no less than 40 hours of supervised work. The General Studies: Internship Adjunct is taken under the pass/fail grading option. Only 1/2 unit total credit (two 1/4 unit internships) will count toward the degree. This Internship Adjunct does not meet the divisional distribution requirement. Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior or Senior status and a proposal approved by the Registrar. The course is taken under the Pass/No Credit option only - ¼ unit.

Please email Andrea Culp in the Career Center to begin the process. You will then be added to the Canvas course to begin the necessary requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the General Studies: Internship Adjunct process or requirements, please stop by the Career Center or email us for more information.


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