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The Colorado College Career Center team is committed to preparing and supporting your student in understanding and connecting their collegiate experiences to meaningful post-graduate opportunities. We believe that career education is an important part of their Colorado College experience. 

You might be wondering how your student will use their Colorado College education.The process of discovering this next step in their career and life journey takes time and is an ongoing process. We understand that life and career paths are not linear. They often take many twists and turns.  We seek to help your student gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the job search process throughout their post graduate journeys.

The Career Center team is here to coach your student through this process of building self-awareness through exploration, learning about different industries, fields, and opportunities, developing a plan to gain the skills and knowledge to increase their competitiveness as candidates, and connect to resources, communities, and opportunities to support them in their journey. 

We recognize that students are busy and visiting the Career Center often lands at the bottom of their to-do list. Research shows that students who engage in career planning early in their college experience and are actively involved in the process are more likely to secure a desired outcome.

The Colorado College Career Center offers a broad range of programs, services, and online resources to support your student. We hope to see your student soon and encourage you to peruse our website to learn more about the services, programs, and resources available. 

We look forward to working with your student! 


Megan Nicklaus

Director, Colorado College Career Center

The Colorado College Career Center is structured around similar groupings of industries, fields, and roles that we call “pathways.” In today’s world of work, a major generally does not equate to a specific career path.  

This structure also supports our team in developing relationships with alumni, families, faculty, employers, and student groups in these pathways. This supports their ability to facilitate connections and the transfer of pathway specific knowledge to students interested in these fields. 

Family, and friends often ask, “What can I do to be helpful to my student?” You know your student better than we ever will. Studies show that students are influenced, especially around career direction, by their guardians and those who serve as mentors. Below are a few suggestions for how you can support your student as they engage in the career discovery process: 

  • Support your student’s exploration of new areas of study and interests. This is what education is all about!

  • Affirm what you know to be areas of skill and ability they have consistently demonstrated. Sometimes students overlook these and need to be reminded. (Are they naturally talented in writing, leading others, actively listening, math?)

  • Talk with your student about the courses and activities they are enjoying. Try to avoid asking the question, “What will you do with that major?” Students discover new things about themselves throughout their college experience. Your willingness to listen and be a sounding board will keep you in the loop.

  • Support your student’s involvement in campus activities but urge this to be balanced with maintaining a focus in the classroom.

  • Suggest to your student they may want to attend our Drop-ins to learn about the Career Center Resources. They can also find information about all Career Center workshops and programs in Handshake under the “Events” tab.

Colorado College students often choose to attend Colorado College because they are looking for a path less traveled. They are drawn to the unique educational experience the block plan offers. This desire to take a unique path often carries through to CC students' post-graduate pursuits. While CC students enter the world of consulting and finance, educate youth through the JET program, or pursue further education, our graduates also start Improv Theaters, build adult treehouses, and become life-size puppeteers. The Career Center team is here to support your student in whatever path they choose to pursue.  You may also find our first destination survey results interesting.

The Career Center understands that parents, family, and friends are invaluable resources. We welcome your support in sharing your expertise with students through informational interviews. You can sign up in TigerLink and indicate what types of insights/information you are willing to share. 

You are in a unique position to understand how the block plan and rigorous curriculum help students develop transferable competencies.  Let us know of internship and job opportunities within your organization. It is as simple as emailing

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