Cover Letters

How do I write a good cover letter?

Cover LettersYour cover letter should provide a brief explanation of your interest in the position relative to your future educational and career goals. The strongest applicants will be clear about what they can contribute to the organization with specific reference to the position description. If you have any special skills or interests, include them in your letter. Your cover letter should show your depth of understanding of the role and the organization.

Cover letters also give an employer insight into your writing abilities. It is very important that your cover letter is free from errors, well organized, clear, and concise. They are a short document to help an employer connect your past experiences to the requirements of their role.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Cover letters take time to develop and need to be well thought out for each position you apply for. As you work on cover letters they will become easier. Workshop them with a career consultant, the Writing Center, or peers. Utilize your on-campus support to put your best foot forward!

Below are some resources that you can use as you get started on your cover letters for both internships and jobs.


Cover Letter Guide

Check out the cover letter guide to get started on writing cover letters.

Cover Letter Sample Format

The cover letter sample format shows what you can use each paragraph for to write a stellar cover letter. The formatting template below is a similar document to download that you can use to get started.

Cover Letter Formatting Template

If you need a jumpstart, download the cover letter formatting template and save a copy. The formatting template has the same guidance as the sample format that will help keep you on track as you write.

Cover Letter Examples

While cover letters are very personalized and tailored to a role dependent on your experiences and the position, it can be helpful to read a few best practice examples.
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