Using AI in your Job Search

chatgptGenerative Artificial Intelligence (AI) software such as ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for your job and internship search. You can prompt AI to read and analyze content and it will answer by gathering information from a wide range of sources. Like other technology, AI is most beneficial when you know how to use it effectively and ethically. 

Think of AI programs as complementary tools that enhance the development of materials and strategies for your career development, and not a replacement for authentically conveying your career narrative in your unique voice. AI does not provide the research, individualized strategy, critical thinking, and personal reflection that are essential for positioning yourself as a competitive candidate. 

In addition to reviewing the following suggestions for incorporating generative AI into your search, we encourage you to connect with the Career Center to for personalized support. 

Tips  for using AI ethically and effectively

  • Evaluate bias: Since AI pulls information from the Internet at-large, be aware that the information may come with some inherent bias. Additionally, the information may not be up to date or representative of all people. 
  • Protect privacy: Avoid sharing personally identifiable information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, or company names with AI tools. 
  • Check accuracy: AI does not always pull from authoritative sources and therefore may provide inaccurate information or make grammatical mistakes. Make sure you secondarily verify suggestions and proofread carefully. 
  • Consider ethics: Be mindful that AI should be used as a revision tool and should not be used to create application materials. Always start with your own original work. 
  • Use critical thinking: Do not blindly accept suggestions and copy and paste from any AI tool. Instead decide which edits are appropriate using your critical thinking skills. AI does not replace your own evaluation of your experiences and qualifications next to a job description, or always successfully articulate your experiences. 
  • Ensure continuity: Make sure your own voice and unique personality comes through in your application materials and interviews. It is important there is continuity between your materials and how you can articulate your experiences in an interview. 
  • Ask wisely: It is important to ask targeted questions based on your needs. Give details about the opportunity, ask for responses with specific tones (formal, engaging, or casual), and submit follow-up questions if the response does not match your needs.   

AI Prompts 

The prompts below reflect an array of career-related questions you may want to use with an AI tool. While these prompts can help you converse with a large database of information, please remember to carefully consider the quality and accuracy of the responses you receive.

  • What can I do with a [insert your academic disciplines of interest] degree?  
  • I have interest in [insert your own interests]. What are five career paths that match my interests? 
  • What skills will I build with a liberal arts degree? 
  • I have skills in [insert skills], but I'm not sure what careers they align with. Can you suggest some options? 
  • Rewrite this experience to be more tailored to this job description. [insert resume text & job description]  
  • Make the bullet point statements in this section of my resume more action-oriented. [insert text]  
  • Rewrite this section of my resume to highlight my leadership skills. [insert text]  
  • What specific keywords I should include in my resume to enhance my resume for [insert job description]?  
  • Customize this cover letter [insert your draft] for this job description [insert text].  
  • Turn this experience on my resume [insert text] into a paragraph for a cover letter. 
  • Provide five interview questions based on this job description [insert description]. 
  • How would you make this interview response sound more confident? [insert your prepared response] 
  • What are five questions I should ask at an interview to learn about the company’s culture?  
  • Write a thank you email for after my interview. 
  • What are 10 questions to ask in an informational interview with a [insert job title and company type] 
  • I’d like to invite a pediatrician for an informal meeting over coffee and ask them about their job. Can you give me 1 paragraph that I can email them to request this meeting?  
  • Generate a 300-character LinkedIn connection request to an alumni of my college based on [insert person’s career]. 
  • I want to reach out to a professional contact in [industry] about work opportunities. Write an introductory email. 

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Additional Resources 

Check out the following additional resources and articles for more information. Schedule an appointment with the Career Center to get support in best using AI tools, review your materials, and brainstorm career ideas. 

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