Meetings and Programs

The Colorado College Mathematics Department has sponsored and supported a variety of mathematical meetings and programs over the years.

  • Mathematical Association of America: Florian Cajori was one of the founding members of the MAA and served as its second president in 1917. The Mathematics Department first hosted a MAA Rocky Mountain Section meeting in 1920 and has done so eight times so far.
  • Topology Workshop: Both Jim Henderson and Fred Tinsley participated in a regular workshop for topology research. With grant money, about 15 topologists from around the country met annually to discuss latest ideas. Both Henderson and Tinsley organized the workshop at Colorado College on several occasions.
  • TRIBES: In 1982, Colorado College was selected to host the Tribal Resource Institute in Business, Engineering, and Science. Professor Val Veirs from the physics department directed the summer program for Native American high school students. The primary aim was to introduce students to college level mathematics, physics, and engineering to prepare and encourage them to pursue careers in these areas. The college sponsored the program for several summers, and in 1985, John Watkins from the mathematics department directed the program.
  • NSF-CBMS Conference on Algorithms and Complexity: This conference held in the summer of 1987 featured a series of lectures by Professor Herb Wilf.
  • San Luis Valley Program: Begun in 1990, this summer program for high school students from the San Luis Valley has continued yearly.
  • PEW Workshop on Technology in the Classroom: In the summer of 1990, Marlow Anderson organized a workshop at the Baca campus of the Colorado College on the use of technology in the classroom. The PEW foundation (Joseph and Mary Pew Charitable Trust) sponsored the meeting and Wade Ellis was the invited speaker.
  • NSF Young Scholars Program: Workshop for high school students run by Mike Siddoway in the summers of 1992 and 1993.
  • PEW Workshop on History of Mathematics: Marlow Anderson, with funding from the PEW foundation, organized a history of mathematics workshop in September of 1998. About 18 mathematicians participated including five from the Colorado College math department. Both John Watkins and Steven Janke gave presentations. Visiting Professor Robin Wilson gave the banquet address on the life of Lewis Carroll.
  • Fearless Friday Seminars: Shortly after Marlow Anderson joined the faculty in 1982, he decided to give some structure to what was a sporadic schedule of seminars in the mathematics department. Under Anderson's guidance, the department set aside three Friday afternoons each month (one block) for mathematics seminars given regularly by members of the department and periodically by visiting mathematicians. In the 1990's, the schedule included one seminar per month aimed at a student audience. The department also occasionally sets aside one seminar afternoon to discuss teaching and student evaluations.
  • Pikes Peak Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (PPRUMC): This conference is partially funded by the Mathematical Association of America and includes four institutions in the geographical area (Colorado College, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, United States Air Force Academy, and Colorado State University at Pueblo). The meeting gives young mathematicians the opportunity to share their passion for mathematics with their peers. On February 25, 2012, the 9th Annual PPRUMC conference was hosted at Colorado College and four CC students (Elise Hellwig, Rebecca, Mitchell, Evan Randen, and Rebecca Thompson) gave talks on their research.


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