Books by Mathematics & Computer Science Faculty

Books by Math & CS Faculty
Rebecca Garcia aspiring_and_inspiring_cover_480.png Aspiring and Inspiring: Tenure and Leadership in Academic Mathematics , AMS (2023, with P. Harris, D. Lewis, and S. Walker)
Andrea Bruder and John Watkins numbers.jpg Numbers: Histories, Mysteries, Theories, Dover (2016, with Andrea Easterday.) A translation of A. Beutelspacher's Zahlen: Geschichte, Gesetze, Geheimnisse
Janet Burge rationale-based_software_eng.png Rationale-Based Software Engineering , Springer (2008, with J. Carroll, R. McCall, and I. Mistrik)

Steven Janke   & Fred Tinsley

intro_to_linear_models.jpg Introduction to Linear Models and Statistical Inference (2005)
Steven Janke mathematical_structures_janke.jpg Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics (2015)
Marlow Anderson lattice_ordered_groups.png Lattice Ordered Groups: An Introduction (with Todd Feil 1988)
abstract_algebra.jpg A First Course in Abstract Algebra (with Todd Feil 1995; 2 nd edition, 2005; 3 rd edition, 2015)
holmes.jpg Sherlock Holmes in Babylon and other Tales of Mathematical Hisotry (2004, with Victor Katz & Robin Wilson)
eplison.jpg Who gave you the epsilon? and other Tales of Mathematical History (2009, with Victor Katz & Robin Wilson)
scuba_diving.jpg The Physics of Scuba Diving (2011)
John Watkins graphs_intro.jpg Graphs: An Introductory Approach (with Robin Wilson 1990)
chessboard_math.jpg Across the Board; The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems (2004)
topics_commutative_theory.jpg Topics in Communative Ring Theory (2007)
number_theory.jpg.webp Number Theory: A Historical Approach (2014)
combinatorics.jpg Combinatorics: Ancient and Modern (editor with Robin Wilson) (2015)
George Simmons topology_analysis.jpg Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis (1963)
differential_equations.jpg Differential Equations with Application and Historical Notes (1972)
calculus_nutshell.jpg.webp Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell (1981)
Calculus with Analytic Geometry (1985)
calc_gems.jpg Calculus Gems (1992)
Joseph Leech Fundamentals of Mathematics
Florian Cajori teaching_and_history_mathematics.jpg The Teaching and History of Mathematics in the United States (1890)
history_of_mathematics.png The History of Mathematics (1894)
history_elementary_mathematics.jpg A History of Elementary Mathematics with Hints of Methods of Teaching (1896)

history_of_physics.jpg A History of Physics in its Elementary Branches:Including the Evolution of Physical Laboratories (1899)
history_equations.jpg An Introduction to the Modern Theory of Equations (1904)
history_slide_rule.jpg History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule and Allied Instruments (1909)
william_oughtred.jpg William Oughtred, a great seventeenth-century Teacher of Mathematics (1916)
Frank Loud intro_geometry.png An Introduction to Geometry upon the Analytical Plan (1880)


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