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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any additional questions regarding your application process or time at Colorado College, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.


    (719) 389 - 6098

    Who can apply to the Pre-College program?

    Ambitious rising high school juniors and seniors can apply to the Pre-College program. If you are a current senior in high school and would like to participate in a summer course at Colorado College, please apply as a Visiting Undergrad. 

    What is the difference between Block A, Block B, and the Pre-College Block?

    Block A and Block B courses are 3 ½ weeks long, and taken with other Colorado College Undergraduates. Courses in the Pre-College Block are 2 ½ weeks long, and designed specifically for high school students.

    Is Financial Aid available?

    Yes, there are two options for available financial aid:

    Need-Based Scholarship
    As part of your online course application, you will need to submit a 500 word essay on "The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education in Today's Society" and a copy of your parents' full, most recent, tax return. To be considered for a need-based scholarship, students need to  submit their essay, tax information, and all application materials by March 29, 2019. Award notifications will be sent on April 15, 2019. Need-based financial aid is not available for international high school students.

    Pre-College Alumni Grant
    A $500 merit-based award for students applying to a Pre-College course. Graduates of Colorado College or individuals that have completed a course at Colorado College may nominate a high school student for this award. Limited funding is available and will be awarded based on a strong personal profile. Students should submit the completed Pre-College Alumni Grant form and all application materials by March 29, 2019.

    What do I need to submit with my application?

    Students applying for the Pre-College program will be asked to submit a completed online application, a counselor report, a copy of their transcripts, and a $50 application fee. If the student is accepted into the Pre-College program, they will be asked to complete additional questions on their online application, submit the $500 course deposit (which holds their spot in the course and counts towards tuition), and complete a series of medical forms. Please have all additional information completed and submitted at least one week before arrival, and do not hesitate to contact us at with questions.

    How do I pay my application fee and deposit?

    You will be given three options regarding your application fee and deposit payment method:

    1. Online
    You will be asked to provide credit card information through our online platform. This information is not saved, and will have to be re-entered to pay the course deposit.

    2. By Check
    Please mail two separate checks to:

    Colorado College
    Pre-College Programs
    14 E. Cache la Poudre St.
    Colorado Springs Colorado 80903.

    3. By Phone
    If you wish to pay your application fee and deposit over the phone, please call (719) 389-6655 with your credit card number.

    When is my tuition due?

    Your tuition, room and board fees (if you are living on campus), and applicable program fees will be billed by the Student Accounts Office beginning in April. An invoice will be mailed directly to the address of your designated financially responsible party. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact the Student Accounts Office.

    Can I pay my tuition online?

    Tuition payments are to be paid through our Office of Student Accounts, and cannot be paid online. If you have additional questions regarding how to pay your tuition, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

    *International students are able to pay their tuition online through Flywire

    Where will I live?

    Students participating in the Summer Pre-College Program will reside in Elf/Elbert, Haskell, Windom, and Mullett - Colorado College’s language houses. A Summer Session Program Assistant will live in each of these houses, as well as 12-20 students.

    Is there a student handbook?

    Yes, all Pre-College students will be asked to read the Pre-College Pathfinder student handbook before they arrive on campus. 

    When do I need to arrive and depart?

    Students are required to arrive on campus by 4:00pm the day before their course begins. This allows time to tour campus, see where their class will take place, obtain a CC ID card, unpack, and attend the Pre-College welcome dinner at 6:00pm. Class ends at noon on the last day of their block, and will be followed by a good-bye lunch. Parents are welcome to attend! Residence halls will close 24 hours after the block ends.

    Block A Arrive: May 28, before 4:00pm Depart: June 21 after 2:00pm, June 22 before 12:00pm
    Block B Arrive: June 23 before 4:00pm Depart: July 18 after 2:00pm July 18 before 12:00pm
    Pre-College Block Arrive: July 14 before 4:00pm Depart: July 31 after 2:00pm or August 1 before 12:00pm

    How will I get from the airport to campus?

    If you are utilizing the Colorado Springs Airport, one of the Summer Session Program Assistants will provide transportation. If you are utilizing the Denver International Airport, you will need to reserve the Colorado Springs Airport Shuttle. We will ask you to fill out an arrival/departure form before you arrive on campus to provide additional information.

    How long will it take to receive my admission decision?

    You will receive an admission decision within two weeks of the receipt of your completed application.

    When do I need to turn in my additional application forms?

    Please turn in all forms (Tuition Payment Agreement, Handbook acknowledgement, all medical documentation) at least one week before your arrive on campus. If you do not turn in your completed medical documentation, you will not be able to access your transcript after you complete the course.

    What if I need to withdraw from my course?

    If you do need to withdraw from your summer course at Colorado College, contact us at Please reference the following dates for refund policies.

    Block  A Withdrawal Date Refund
    Before May 8th  100% (minus non-refundable deposit and application fee)
    Between May 8th and May 28th  70% (minus non-refundable deposit and application fee)
    May 29th and After 0%
    Block B Withdrawal Date Refund
    Before June 4th 100% (minus non-refundable deposit and application fee)
    Between June 4th and June 23th 70% (minus non-refundable deposit and application fee)
    June 24th and After 0%
    Pre-College Block Withdrawal Date Refund
    Before June 24th 100% (minus non-refundable deposit and application fee)
    Between June 24th and July 14th 70% (minus non-refundable deposit and application fee)
    July 15th and After 0%