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    Academic Policies

    Units of Academic Credit

    Colorado College grants academic credit based on the Colorado College (CC) unit. Courses have a credit value ranging from .25 CC unit to 2 CC units; CC units may be converted to the semester system on the following basis: 1 CC unit = 4 semester hours. Students from other institutions should remember that this conversion is made at the discretion of the accepting institution, so please check with your registrar's office before applying.

    Transferring Credits

    Students from other colleges and universities pursuing studies in the Colorado College Summer Session usually have no difficulty transferring earned credits to other institutions, assuming that completed work is awarded the notations A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, or C- and that similar courses are offered at those schools. Students intending to transfer credits from Colorado College should ensure that their home institutions will accept a "Pass" notation before electing that option. Before registering, students should discuss the program they plan to take at Colorado College with advisors at their home institutions. 


    The college provides two grading systems for all courses. Students may choose to be graded either by the G-Track which has the following possible grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, and No Credit; or the Pass-Track which has the following grades: S (for grades from A to C-), CR (for D or D+), and NC (for No Credit). Students must choose a grade-track option at the time of course registration. Students have until 5 p.m. of the fourth day of a course to change a grade track. 

    Grade Reports and Transcripts

    Colorado College does not issue grade reports to any student for the Summer Session. Students may check their grade through Self-Service Banner, using their CC ID number and BANNER PIN number. A PIN number will be given to all visiting students upon registration on campus. See the ITS: Help Desk How do I... page for assistance with connectivity and sign-in. To request an official transcript, download a form from the Registrar's Office website. 

    Students with Disabilities

    Colorado College’s Accessibility Resource Office coordinates support for students with disabilities so they may participate fully in college life and derive the greatest benefit from their educational experiences.

     Please visit the Accessibility Resources website for more information about the program and registering for services.

    The Honor Code

    Enrollment at Colorado College commits each student to observe and uphold the Academic Honor System. The text of the college's Honor Code appears in the student handbook, the Pathfinder. The Honor System requires that all papers and examinations be entirely the work of the student who submits them, except as indicated by appropriate footnotes or when the course instructor has given explicit permission for students to collaborate. Violations during the Summer Session are handled by the dean of students and the dean of Summer Session. Students should familiarize themselves with the "Constitution of the Colorado College Honor System" and the "Source Acknowledgment" booklet before beginning academic work. Instructors, residence hall assistants, and the deans are available to assist with any questions or concerns. 

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