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Visiting Undergrads

Why choose Colorado College this Summer?

  • Courses taught by Colorado College faculty
  • Small class sizes of 5-20 students
  • Experience the Block Plan's singular ability to immerse you in a class - you might not want to go back to a regular semester system.

2018 Summer On-Campus Course Application Opens December 1, 2017!

2018 Summer Course Offerings

On-Campus Multi-Block Institute and Special Date Courses

CRNDate Course Title and NumberInstructorCollege Reqs.Costs
TBD 5/30 - 7/20

CL 111: Latin for Beginners Henry, Kendra W, 2 Lang. Units T: $9,200
TBD 5/30 - 7/20 PH 210: Ancient to Early Modern Western Philosophy Furtak, Rick W T: $9,200

On-Campus Single Block Courses - Block A:  May 30 - June 22

CRNBlockCourse Title and NumberInstructorCollege Reqs.Costs

AS 220: Photography

Powell, Emma

T: $4,600

PF: $100


BE 345: Transmission Electron Microscopy 

Hathaway, Ron

T: $4,600


CH 400: Advanced Topics: Human Diseases: Molecular and Cultural Perspectives

Grover, Neena I, Q
T: $4,600

EC 201: Theory 1

Smith, Mark T: $4,600
TBD A EV 260: Topics: Food and Environment in Colorado Cornelius, Tyler S

T: $4,600

TBD A FM 102: Basic Filmmaking Haskell, Clay

T: $4,600

TBD A FR 101: Elementary French 1 Tallent, Alistaire FL

T: $4,600

TBD A GS 247: Introduction to Museum Studies Tucker, Rebecca   T: $4,600
TBD A GY 135: Geology of the Pikes Peak Region Gibson, Tim

T: $4,600

PF: $150

TBD A HK 204: Introduction to Human Anatomy Miska, Dan

T: $4,600

TBD A HY 200: Topics in History: American History, American Film Rommel-Ruiz, W.  T: $4,600
TBD A MA 117: Probability and Statistics Brown, David I, Q  T: $4,600
TBD A MA 126: Calculus 1 Hogenson, Kirsten I, Q  T: $4,600
TBD A MB 131: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Bertrand, Jake I, Q

T: $4,600

PF: $90

TBD A MU 228/FM 225: Topics: Film Scoring in Theory & Practice Ben-Amots, Ofer and Jirasek, Jan  T: $4,600
TBD A MU 398: Advanced Topics: On the Road: American Bluegrass Reed, Keith

 T: $4,600

 PF: $1,750

TBD A PC 133: Astronomy Burciaga, Juan L, Q

 T: $4,600

 PF: $60

TBD A PS 209: Intro to International Relations Price-Smith, Andrew  T: $4,600
TBD A PS 321/EV 373: Public Policymaking Coggins, Elizabeth  T: $4,600
TBD A PY 100: Introduction to Psychology Erdal, Kristi L  T: $4,600
TBD A SO 101/FG 206/RM 200: Inequality in the U.S. Murphy-Geiss, Gail S  T: $4,600
TBD A SW 259: Ritual and Medicine of the Southwest Guerra, Santiago  T: $4,600

On-Campus Single Block Courses - Block B:  June 26 - July 20

CRNBlockCourse Title and NumberInstructorCollege Reqs.Costs
TBD B AS 110 : Topics: Book Arts and Letterpress
Holtsnider, Lucy   T: $4,600

TBD B AS 211: Topics: Fiber Arts
Steiner, Jeanne    T: $4,600

TBD B CP 115: Computational Thinking Ellsworth, Dan Q T: $4,600
TBD B ED 250:Topics in Education: Instructional Strategies in Special Education Randolph, Kathy S T: $4,600

TBD B EN 211: Reading Fiction
Butte, George WI T: $4,600

FM 202: Screenwriting 

Villalobos, Ligiah

T: $4,600


FR 102: Elementary French

Tallent, Alistaire FL

T: $4,600


GR 220/FM 200/CO 200/FG 206/GR 320: Intermediate Topics in German Studies: The Antihero

Lisiecki, Chet S

T: $4,600


HK 321: Human Physiology

Miska, Dan

T: $4,600


MA 129: Calculus II

Nguyen, Nguyen Q

T: $4,600


PA 250/EV 261: Topics in Asian Studies: Buddhism, Society, and Ecology

Bandarage, Asoka G, S

T: $4,600

PF: $90

TBD B PS 270: Liberty and Equality Grace, Eve T: $4,600

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