Tuition and Fees

Below are estimated costs for charges associated with the Pre-College programming for Summer 2024.
Fixed Direct Charges


 $4,500 for domestic students

$6,000 for international students*

This includes a course deposit of $500 due after acceptance.

The course deposit will count towards the final total.

*International students are also required to take a .25 credit while here, which will cost $1,500.


$825 for double-occupancy

$925 for single-occupancy 


Meal Plan



Application Fee


Waived for applications received before April 1st.

Student Activity Fee



Estimated Expenses   
Books and Supplies Allowance  $155
Misc. Allowance  $188 Personal expenses

$410 for domestic  students

$1,500 for international students

Travel to and from campus
Total Estimated Costs  $6,919-$9,609


Health Insurance cost if you are required to sign up for the Student Health Insurance Plan due to inadequate coverage



All students are required to have health insurance while attending Colorado College and to provide annual proof of coverage. Most minors are covered by their parents' insurance, and so are not required to participate in the college's health insurance plan if they have other health coverage.

If a student elects coverage under a different plan, their health insurance must meet minimum criteria, which are available on the Student Health Insurance Plan website.

All students must either ENROLL or WAIVE the health insurance plan every year through the waiver portal.

More information is available with our Student Health Center. Costs for health insurance is adjusted and published every summer by the Student Health Center. 

Total Estimated Cost with Insurance


Other Fees which may be charged to a student's account

  • Parking Permit - $25
  • Gold Card replacement -  $30
  • Traffic fines, parking fines, library fines, residence hall damage, and broken or not-returned equipment may be charged to the student account - fees vary.
  • Course Program Fee - Summer courses occasionally have an associated program fee. Please check course listings, where fees will be listed if applicable

Tuition and Fees



Need-Based Scholarship

As part of your online course application, you will need to submit a 500 word essay on "The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education in Today's Society" and a copy of your parent or guardian's full 2022 Tax return. Students should submit essay, tax information, and all application materials by March 1, 2024 at 5:00pm MST. You will be notified of your award on April 15, 2024. Need-based scholarships are not available for international high school students.

Pre-College Alumni Grant

A $500 merit-based award for students applying to a Pre-College course. Graduates of Colorado College or individuals that have completed a course at Colorado College may nominate a high school student for this award. Limited funding is available and will be awarded based on a strong personal profile. Students should submit the completed Pre-College Alumni Grant form and all application materials by March 1, 2023.

Dropping a Course

Students who register for a summer course but become unable to take it may be eligible for a full or partial refund on tuition. Deposits and application fees will not be refunded.

  • Students who drop their course prior to June 17th, will receive a 100% refund on tuition.
  • Students who drop their course between June 18th and July 7th, students will get a 70% refund on tuition.
  • After July 8th, no refunds will be given.

If you have additional questions about dropping your course, please contact us at

Payment Information

Tuition and fees payments are to be done through the Student Accounts Office. Payments are due approximately one month after the invoice is generated. Information on accepted payment methods can be found on the Student Accounts Payment Methods webpage.

Office Information

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On-campus: Armstrong Hall, Room 213-A

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