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Room and Board

Spring 2021 on-campus students enrolled in Summer Session Block A, may remain in their Spring Semester housing through the end of Block A at no additional housing cost. You are required to submit a summer housing application through Summit by May 1.

Off-campus CC students who would like to live on campus during Summer Session, should submit an application through Summit by May 1. In consultation with the Science Advisory Group and in consideration of campus density, these students will be notified no later than May 15 if summer housing is available, along with room assignment and move-in protocols if applicable.

Extended Stay: May 20 - May 23
With RLC approval, extended stay will be granted to graduates, current on-campus students enrolled in Summer Session Block A, and current on-campus SCoRe participants.

Gap Housing: May 24 - June 1
This period of housing is granted with no housing fee to current on-campus students enrolled in Summer Session Block A. SCoRe participants whose research assignment requires they be on-campus during this time period, as well as off-campus students who wish to move to campus for Summer Session or to accept a SCoRe research assignment, will be assessed a daily rate upon move-in during this period.

The 2021 Summer Housing Application can be accessed through the Summer Session's Summit portal Applications are due no later than May 1. Summer housing costs are posted to Student Accounts prior to the beginning of Summer Session along with required meal plan costs. 

Please reference the charts below for summer housing dates, room charges, and meal plans. If you have further questions regarding on-campus housing, please contact your RLC.

Summer 2021 Housing Application

Summer Housing

Undergraduate Housing:
Full time students (students taking 7 to 10 blocks this year within the time period between Block 1 and summer session Block A) will not be charged additional housing costs for the year. Students who add summer session Blocks B and/or C will be charged,
  • $825 per block (residential hall) or
  • $980 per block (apartment) 
Part time students (students taking 6 or less blocks this year – including summer blocks) will be charged,
  • $825 per block (residential hall) or
  • $980 per block (apartment) 

2021 Housing Dates

Residence Hall Apartment

Extended Stay
(RLC approval required)

May 20-23 No Charge* No Charge*


Gap Housing

** only those enrolled in Block A are no charge. All other student types will pay a daily rate


May 23 - June 1

No Charge** No Charge**
Block A June 1 - June 26 $825 $980
Block B June 27 - July 22 $825 $980
Block C July 26 - August 13 $825 $980
Temporary Housing July 22 - August 3 $33/night $40/night

*RLC and/or Housing Department Approval Required

Summer Meal Plans

Undergraduate Meal Plans:
Full time students or Part time students who are living on campus must be on a meal plan. Although, students who have remaining meal plan dollars from spring 2021 are not required to have a meal plan for Block A and may use the remaining dollars through the end of Block A.

  • Please note: At the end of Block A all spring 2021 dollars will be lost (no exceptions). Students who do not have meal plan dollars from spring term 2021 attending block A will need to choose a meal plan and the charge will be billed to you. 

Students who plan to enroll in Blocks B and/or C living on campus will be required to be on a meal plan and will choose their meal plan preference and the charge will be billed to you.

  • Summer Meal plan dollars will roll from block to block - - but remember you will be charged each block for a new plan. All dollars left over at the end of Block C will be lost (no exceptions).
  • Please insure that you are using your meal plan dollars each block. If you don’t think you will utilize the meal plan that often during the summer, please choose the Tiger Bucks meal plan option.


Summer meal plan options:
2021 Meal Plan 2021 Charge
Per Block
Full Meal Plan: $595 for meals charged at the rates listed, and cafe goods $595
Half Meal Plan: $365 worth of meals charged at the rates listed, and cafe goods $365
Tiger Bucks: $135 for meals charged at the rates listed, and cafe goods $135

All meal plans expire at the end of Block C. There are no refunds.
Door price, per meal: Breakfast - $8.03; Brunch/Lunch - $10.35; Dinner - $13.60

Purchasing a Meal Plan if not Residing On-Campus

Students not living on-campus can purchase one of the meal plans listed above by emailing Student Accounts with the following information:

  • Name
  • CC ID number
  • Meal Plan Option (A, B, or C, per above)

The charge will be billed to your student account and must be paid by the due date listed on your billing statement.


Alternatively, you can go to the Student Accounts Office, #116 in the Spencer Center, to request and/or pay for your meal plan.

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