Independent Study

Applications are not yet open for Independent Study courses for Summer 2024.  Please check back soon.

Independent Study courses are not eligible for Financial Aid or Wild Card usage. First year students or those without previous coursework in the department are ineligible to enroll in an Independent Study

Enrollment Instructions

  • Make arrangements with a CC professor to supervise the work.
  • Create a course number and title before you begin the Independent Study Proposal Request.
  • Meet with faculty advisor to make sure this course fits into your academic schedule and major.
  • Prepare, in conjunction with the professor, a written proposal in which the purpose and scope of the independent study are clarified. Include the following:
    • Complete the Independent Study Proposal Request in Summit
    • Course outline as syllabus
    • Final department course number to be assigned
    • Final subtitle for independent study if required
    • Start and end date of independent study
    • Face to face or email meeting dates with the professor
    • Assignment due dates
  • All incomplete work (I) will convert to No Credit (NC) after three blocks.
  • Once completed, the Director of Summer Session will review, approve/deny the request and a confirmation email will follow.

For further information, contact Jim Burke, the Director of Summer Session at (719) 389-6656 or email

For Faculty

All independent studies must be approved by the chair of the department or program. Depending on the department's available independent study course numbers, first year students, or those with no previous coursework in the department, are not eligible to enroll.
  • Faculty may plan independent study with CC students over the Summer Session term.
  • Faculty may work with up to three students over the summer at the independent study rate pay.
  • The independent study pay rate is based on faculty rank.
    • Salaries for independent study courses are processed once a final grade is entered in Banner.
  • Faculty may not plan independent study courses that are regularly scheduled blocks in the same Summer Session term.
  • Students should fill out the Independent Study Proposal on Summit for final approval by the Director of Summer Session

Following approval of the Director of Summer Session, the Registrar will create the course. For further information, contact Jim Burke at (719) 389-6656 or


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