Summer Internship Funding Awards

Due to the high volume of applications received this spring, the application will offically close on April 15, 2024. Any applications received on the wait list before this point will continue to be reviewed in the order they were received if funds become available prior to May 15.

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The Summer Internship Funding Awards Program is designed to increase the ability of Colorado College students to participate in internship and experiential learning opportunities, many of which remain unpaid or underpaid. Funds are intended to support travel, housing, and personal expenses incurred, not substitute for unearned wages. Each Colorado College student is eligible to receive one award during their four undergraduate years.

The 2024 Internship Funding Application will open February 1, 2024. You do not need to have a secured offer before applying. The sooner you start your search, the more proactive you can be for this application.

All applications must be submitted through Summit (under Office of the Dean of the College). The first deadline for consideration is March 15, 2024. *Due to the high volume of applications received, the application will close on April 15, 2014. Any applications received before this point will continue to be reviewed in the order they were received if funds become available prior to May 15.Your internship does not need to be accepted prior to applying for Summer Internship Funding, but the experience must be confirmed with your employer prior to the award being finalized. Please note: it is typical for us to allocate all funds and start a waiting list by April 1, so you are encouraged to submit your application as early as possible to avoid this uncertainty.

Depending on the duration of unpaid internship experiences, applicants are eligible for one of two award amounts:

  • Internship experiences lasting a minimum of 10 weeks and 400 hours are eligible for $4000
  • Internship experiences lasting a minimum of 8 weeks and 240 hours are eligible for $2500

*Underpaid internship experiences will be evaluated for the same duration expectations and considered for funds UP TO this award amount.

Eligibility considerations:

  • All fully enrolled Colorado College students who will remain fully enrolled in CC courses for at least one semester beyond their internship, are eligible to apply for summer internship funding.
  • All internships must be away from the CC campus, and not directly associated with Colorado College.
  • All travel for internships outside of the U.S. must be approved.
  • Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to be eligible.
  • Third-party programs are not eligible for funding. 
*If you do not meet these eligibility requirements, but feel you have extenuating circumstances, please reach out to the Career Center.

To best prepare for your application, start your search for internship opportunities early and consider what you hope to gain from these experiences. The application is meant to be reflective as well as demonstrate how this specific opportunity will support your goals. 

All expectations of the award application and finalizing your experience MUST be complete BEFORE May 31, 2024 to ensure funds can be dispersed before the end of the funding cycle and fiscal year. If your funds are not dispersed to you before the last business day of June, you forfeit your award. 

If you have questions that are not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions, please contact Andrea Culp, in the Career Center.

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