Our Campus

Since 1874, CC students have bustled to and from class in the foreground of the Rocky Mountain foothills. More than a century later, they still come to the same occasional realization: Whoa. I actually live here.

Beyond City Limits

Located just north of downtown Colorado Springs, the CC campus is nestled at the intersection of nature's call and urban sprawl. It's within three hours of ten ski resorts, and under a day's drive from seven national parks. Campus itself also extends 30 miles west to the CC cabin and 160 miles west to the Baca campus at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Both offer secluded spaces for reflection, contemplation, and discussion.

Engage the Community

The hands-on spirit of the Block Plan encourages interaction between students and their surroundings. Field zoology students peer through binoculars for elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. Sociology classes walk downtown to the courthouse for social justice observation.

The result?

An ever-expanding campus that's culturally diverse, naturally resplendent, and teeming with academic zeal. Come see for yourself!

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