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Special Projects

Green Room Certification

As the individual lifestyle choices of CC students impacts the college's sustainability goals, this program provides a framework for sustainable living and recognizes students who strive to reduce their daily impact on the environment. Certification is divided into two levels and is awarded to students who meet criteria outlined in the Green Room Checklist.

For those interested in certification, the Office of Sustainability provides a complete guide to the program.

Green Labs Project

This initiative to improve the sustainability of our lab facilities corresponds to a collective effort in schools across the country. The program seeks to improve battery and paper recycling along with energy usage by lab equipment. The Office of Sustainability is working with the Green Labs Committee and Facilities Services to perform an audit of lab equipment and recommend more efficient replacement options. The project has already funded the incremental cost of a high-efficiency ultra-low temperature freezer.

Veggie Van

CC's most sustainable vehicle, able to burn waste vegetable oil (WVO) via a special fuel system, was brought into being by Tom Crowe ('15) and a number of student volunteers. Graphics on the van were done by Anna Kay ('15) with help from the Graphics Research Lab.

The van runs on both diesel and WVO and has separate fuel tanks for each. When the engine reaches the proper operating temperature, the fuel system automatically switches to WVO. When the van is shut down, the fuel system switches back to diesel to purge the injectors, allowing for easy starting the next time. Mileage is comparable between the two fuels and the WVO is sourced from campus dining services.