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    The CC EcoFund was established by the Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) and is maintained through the Office of Sustainability. Its purpose is to foster the design and implementation of campus sustainability initiatives and to put into action one of the CC’s core values, “nurturing a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability.”

    apply today

    Apply Now on SUMMIT HERE

    You can apply through Summit. Search for EcoFund Application. Below you will find the required questions in order to submit your application. 

    Who Can Apply

    Colorado College Students

    Administered By

    The Office of Sustainability

    Maximum Funding Per Project


    The Ideal Proposal Will Address

    1) Generation of return on investment. This doesn’t necessarily have to be financial revenue. It could be social, curricular, capital, or an increase in network connections within the community. These are not grants aimed at building retrofits or equipment upgrades. Any financial revenue stemming from the grant should be be returned to the EcoFund.

    2) Promotion of community engagement. This could be engaging the broader Colorado Springs community, or the Colorado College community.

    3) Follow up. How will you publicize your project upon completion? Youtube videos, etc. are a great way to do this! Post Project Report Necessary including detail of expenses.

    4) A detailed work plan with specific dates by which different aspects of your project will be completed. This includes the publication of the final project. This work plan will span no longer than 12 months. If you are unable to meet your deadlines, funding will be cut.

    5) Each grant recipient will be expected to supply the Office of Sustainability with potential signage options for any physical project. Please attach a letter of support from a CC faculty or staff member. This is optional, but it will increase the probability of project funding.