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Synergy House

Intentional Living

"Together, we strive to be a center for environmental awareness, education, and innovation on campus. In addition, we are always looking for new and different ways to carry out our daily activities in order to reduce our footprint and live together more cohesively."

The Synergy House is Colorado College's first net-zero energy building, designed as a prototype for students to study and discuss as the college moves toward carbon neutrality.

House Features

  • 7kW PV system added in 2015
  • Electric water and space heating
  • Passive solar heating

The Garden

Operated solely by residents of Synergy House, the Synergy House Garden produces a variety of vegetables, determined by the tastes and interests of the residents. As Synergy residents are not on a meal plan, producing their own food allows them to supplement their diet and examine an important aspect of living sustainably.