Building Improvements

Packard Auditorium

The outdated pneumatic HVAC controls for Packard Auditorium, operating 24/7, have been replaced by direct digital controls. The new controls enable the scheduling of equipment operation for the space, thereby reducing energy use and improving air quality.

Barnes Hall

Facilities Services is working on updating Barnes Hall's fume hoods with airflow monitoring. The pneumatic controls for the supplied air and room exhaust will be replaced by direct digital controls. The new controls will allow for the coordinated operation of room and fume hood exhaust to ensure proper lab ventilation, also enabling a reduction in air changes during unoccupied periods.

Kathryn Mohrman Theatre

The addition of CO2 sensing to the theater allows for demand control ventilation. The outside air damper is modulated based on the CO2 in the space, saving energy by conditioning the air only as much as is necessary.

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