Shorter Term Faculty 1976 - 1989

Steve Schiffman (1976-1981)
Paul Perlmutter (1978-1981)
Bob Bekes (1980-1983)
Maurine Fenwick (1981-1982)
Gene Abrams (1981-1984)
Jim Flanders (1982-1985)
Mary Ann Beard (1983-1986)
Mark Janeba (1984-1986)
Alan Siegel (1983-1987)
Dora Aksoy (1986-1987)
Jessica Craig (1987-1989)

Further Details:

  • Steve Schiffman (B.S. MIT 1969, M.A. Dartmouth 1971, Ph.D. Darmouth 1974) joined the department as an algebraic topologist after a short stay at the University of Colorado at Boulder. When Dave Roeder took a sabbatical leave in 1978, Schiffman became acting-chair of the department. Despite considerable success at the college, he left in 1981 to pursue his interests in business. After earning an MBA from the Sloan School at MIT, his career path eventually led to the deanship at Babson College.
  • Bob Bekes (B.A. Berkeley 1966, M.A. Universisty of Oregon 1970, Ph.D. Oregon 1973), a functional analyst, became the only member of the department to run the Pikes Peak Marathon. Bekes left the college to work for IBM and then secured a tenured position at Santa Clara University.
  • Gene Abrams (B.A. University of California at San Diego 1976, M.S. University of Oregon 1978, Ph.D. Oregon 1981), an algebraist, landed a position at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs after leaving the college. He is a well-known researcher, an excellent teacher, and served as chair of the department at UCCS. Abrams regularly visits the college to teach a block course when the department is short-handed. (He taught at the college in 2001).
  • Jim Flanders was the first paraprofessional in the department and an accomplished teacher. He earned a doctorate in mathematics education from the University of Chicago and has done considerable work in curriculum development for secondary schools.
  • Mary Ann Beard graduated from Colorado College in 1979 and earned an M.A. from the University of Oregon in 1981. She received a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1993. The department hired her twice (1983 and 1991) to fill short term positions. She is probably the most considerate person that ever joined the department.
  • Mark Janeba (B.S. California Lutheran College 1979, M.A. University of California at Santa Barbara 1980, Ph.D. Santa Barbara 1984), a complex analyst, moved to Willamette College after leaving Colorado College. Janeba is an expert cyclist who never lets the weather deter him.
  • Alan Siegel (B.S. University of Georgia 1973, Ph.D. Rutgers University 1983), a topologist, became an applied mathematician for various smaller companies in the Colorado Springs area and currently works for TRW. Siegel is an accomplished musician (clarinet) and an avid cyclist.


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